5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage Unit

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Renting a storage unit is a big step. You want your belongings to remain clean and secure, but you also want value for money. With all of the self-storage providers out there, how do you know you’re making the right choice? In this article, we give you the five most important questions to ask before signing a contract – and why it could save you time and money in the future!

How secure is it?

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing a caravan or a gas barbecue, you need to know that your belongings won’t be stolen or damaged. When you’re shopping around for a storage facility, check out the level of security. Is there 24-hour CCTV? Are the gates alarmed? Does it have perimeter fencing? Ask about the security of the units, too. What are they made of? Are they padlocked or PIN-protected? All these factors will ensure that your unit is safe from thieves – and the elements.

How much does it cost?

Your overall costs will depend on a range of factors. In general, the larger the unit, the more you pay. Also, facilities close to city centres will cost more than those further away. Weigh up the pros and cons of paying less for a unit that’s an hour from home. And remember to ask about special deals or discounts. At StoragePlus, we have a lowest-price guarantee, not to mention a month of free storage when you pay for six months in advance!

When can you access it?

If you’re running a business, you may want the flexibility of 24-hour access. For those who are simply storing excess furniture, business hours should be more than adequate. Find a provider who can provide the right access requirements for your personal or business needs. Check to see if you’re the only one who can access the unit or if staff have access as well. The latter could be handy when deliveries are being sent to your storage facility. A trusted staff member can place the deliveries in your unit even when you’re not there!

What is the maintenance like?

Find out what your self-storage provider does to look after its premises. Do they have regular cleaners and pest control? This can prevent any dust or creepy crawlies from entering your unit through unsealed doors or gaps. If you can, visit the self-storage facility and look at the condition of their grounds and units.

Does it have on-site staff?

Some storage facilities are fully staffed, while others have a remote team. Work out what your self-storage needs are and choose accordingly. If you need forklift services and access to a Box Shop, make sure your facility can provide this.  If you’re not storing much and you’re on a budget, choose a basic facility with a remote team. Generally, it’s better to go with a fully staffed provider because there’s always someone there to monitor access or assist if there’s a problem.

Choosing the right self-storage facility is easier than you think. If you do your research and ask the right questions, you’ll find a provider that’s just right for your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable storage solution, contact our team at StoragePlus. We can answer all your self-storage questions – even the ones you hadn’t thought of yet!

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