5 Quick Ways to Organise Your Home Office

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Whether you’ve just started working from home or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll know how important it is to have a quiet, well-equipped space to get your work done. But it’s easy for a home office – whether it’s a dedicated study or the dining room table – to get out of hand. In fact, you may be spending more time sorting through scattered paperwork and cables than kicking productivity goals.

In this article, we’ll show you five quick ways to make your home office a clutter-free zone. Not only will it boost your productivity, but you’ll also be the envy of colleagues in your next Zoom meeting!

Use desk organisers

You may think that desk organisers take up space, but the opposite is true – they actually save you space. If you’ve got notebooks, pens, highlighters, scissors, USB sticks and other office supplies sitting around, consider buying a multi-compartment desk organiser. Your supplies will always be on hand, and you won’t waste time looking for them under papers or in messy drawers. If you prefer the DIY route, you could repurpose jam jars and gift boxes to tidy up your desk.

Tie your cables

Every office has a tangle of cables linking laptops to printers, second screens, speakers or microphones. Whatever your setup, cables can look unsightly and become a safety risk. It can also be time-consuming plugging and unplugging devices, especially when you don’t know which cable goes with which device. An easy way to save time and keep everything organised is to get a cable tie with labels. You’ll know exactly where the cables go – and the ties will keep them neatly sorted and out of sight.

Digitise your files

Most files are digitised these days, but many of us still have clients or colleagues who photocopy or print out documents. If you can, ask for a digital version or digitise the hard copies you have. This will eliminate the need for shelves or folders – and you’ll be doing your bit to reduce waste!

Buy shelving or filing cabinets

You may have manuals, books, reports or products that can’t be digitised. If that’s the case, use dedicated open shelving or filing cabinets instead of piling them on the desk or floor. If you can, organise them in folders alphabetically. Not only will this protect them from dust and damage, but it’ll tidy up your office and make them easy to find.

Get rid of clutter

Let’s face it, home offices can become a repository for obsolete technology and broken printers. To give yourself more breathing room (and reduce dust bunnies!), take your equipment to a recycling centre. On the other hand, if you have excess furniture or household belongings taking up valuable space, consider selling them or donating them. (If you find it difficult to decide what to keep and what to throw, see our blog post on How to Declutter.) Alternatively, you could put those items in a self-storage facility. This will keep them clean and safe until you’re ready to use them again.

Getting your home office organised can be quick and easy with our five-step plan. Getting a desk organiser, using cables ties, digitising documents, shelving and decluttering can turn your home office into a productivity hub – and make it a pleasant place to spend time in. However, if you’re running out of space and you need a secure and affordable solution for your archive boxes, supplies or excess furniture, contact StoragePlus and our friendly team can help you find the right storage unit for your needs. And don’t forget, if you’re running your own business, self-storage costs can be claimed as a tax deduction!

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