Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters


Your kids have left the nest and now you have more space than you need, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about downsizing?

We understand –  starting over is a daunting prospect and one of the biggest challenges many down-sizers face, is letting go of the familiar for the next adventure.

As the experts in self-storage, at Storage Plus our experts have spoken with our Empty Nester residential storage customers across Sydney and Melbourne – here’s there advice!


There is no better time than now to reclaim those weekends and the opportunity to be away from schools and sports fields because a new chapter has begun in your life. A location that boasts convenience, ideally where local shops are in walking distance and transport is a stone-throw.

Downsizing is more than just relocating and moving your belongings, it’s a process often met with mixed emotions. At Storage Plus we do not want to see you overwhelmed, so take the time to do your research and talk to local real estate agents about your options, ask them about how they can help you arrange Self-Storage with our convenient locations in Sydney and Melbourne.


A smaller place to call home, does not always have to mean ‘having NO space’. As we grow older we become more sentimental and begin holding things dear that connect us to our history, our family, culture and life as we knew it before the nest was empty.

Understanding how much space you will need and working out what you want to fill that space with is always a great place to start your brainstorming. Take a trip down memory lane, make a list of what you can and cannot live without. Measure each room and the cupboard space you are currently using or predict you will need at your new place.


Knowing your personal belongings that did not quite make the cut for your new space, are in secure and respected self-storage that is easy to access and close to major cities is another sigh of relief and opportunity for you to relax during your relocation.

At Storage Plus, we have residential customers who store keepsakes and sentimental items that they are not ready to let go of for many reasons. We are more than happy to help you find the right storage at the right price in Sydney or Melbourne.

Ask our friendly team about how to make the most of self-storage and provide you the peace of mind while you settle into your new chapter and leaner lifestyle.

Need a quick quote? Our team of storage experts are here to help make your self-storage routine simple and provide you with the best price in Sydney and Melbourne. Request your free quote today and make the smart choice and store with Storage Plus.

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