Ever Considered Self Storage as a Library?

Ever Considered Self Storage as a Library?

Plenty of us enjoy a good read. Books have been around for thousands of years and they take up a lot of space. Have you ever considered creating your own private library?

Self Storage can help. From the small space where you can store a few books to a larger space where you can add your own shelving, creating your own library, the choice is yours.  If you don’t have space at home to store all of those books and magazines, the storage space at our Self Storage facility may help.

Take a slightly bigger space than you might need and you won’t have to stack the books to high, make it easy to gain access to your favourite reading.

Remember books are heavy, so your shelving needs to be solid and with regular supports to avoid collapsing shelves. Magazines particularly are very heavy and should be stored down low to avoid personal injury.

Self Storage offers a flexible storage option for those considering a personal library.

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