Holiday Advice For Extended Travel Periods

Holiday Advice For Extended Travel Periods

Storage Advice For Extended Holidays and Travel - Storage Plus

Thinking of travelling for an extended period of time? Like most Australian’s you’re probably worried about your household belongings of value while on Holiday.

Many Australians travel for either work or pleasure for up to twelve months or more. The thought of setting off on a trip around Australia with the caravan in tow sounds ideal doesn’t it? Or even the long awaited jet setting trip around the world to tick off experiences on your bucket list.

You can’t take all your stuff with you so, before you lock your front door and leave your worries behind, so here are some valuable tips to give you peace of mind while holidaying:

1. Renting Your House While You’re Away on Holiday

We’ve spoken to some of our residential tenants and it’s not uncommon for travellers to rent their house while they are on extended holidays. Great idea really, think about all that extra spending money you can put towards those gifts your friends and family are asking you to bring home, or those things you just can’t haggle for a better price.

But there are a few issues with this arrangement you need to avoid, they are:

  1. Have you put your new tenants through the ringer with questioning? Do you trust them? Do they have teenage kids, do you trust them?
  2. Just to be sure perhaps you should go through a property manager, there is so many things that can go wrong and do you really want to be worrying about your tenants when you are on holiday?
  3. Are your new tenants gardeners? Will they be able to look after your dearly loved garden.
  4. Do they have pets? And we mean more specifically do they own a golden retriever with a history of digging and smashing things with his playful but destructive tail.
  5. Make sure your home insurance covers your new tenants, you maybe surprised to know many policies will not cover temporary tenants.
  6. Do you have any family heirlooms which are not worth risking around tenants who may not know the significance of the 130 year funny looking vase.
  7. Come to think of it, move all your good stuff into a self storage facility and remove the worry completely.

2. Leaving Your House Vacant While You’re On Holiday

So you don’t need to rent you house while you are on holiday, but there are still a few issues you need to take care of, after all think about your home’s feelings – you’re leaving them and your belongings alone:

  1. Who is going to look after the garden, collect the mail, pay the bills and keep an eye on your place?
  2. Check you insurance there will be a clause in there about how long a house can be vacant.
  3. Beware of squatters, even in affluent areas squatters have been known to move into multi million dollar houses, funny but true.
  4. It doesn’t take long for an unkept house to look like it is abandoned and it is funny how quickly vandals find these houses. Their attitude is, “well if you don’t care about your property then look at how quickly we can wreck it.”

You’ve heard the saying better to be safe than sorry.

Well at Storage Plus, we recommend if you really want to enjoy your extended break you should seek out a self storage facility to store household possessions and personal treasures.

Good news is we happen to know a really great state of the art storage facility called Store and More, don’t act so surprised you could see that coming from a mile away.

Also remember if the move overseas is work related often the employer/company will pay the storage fees, Store & More will provide quotes for these situations, providing secure, clean, dry units to mind all your personal belongings.

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