Feeling Cramped? Here’s How To Declutter Your Home

Feeling Cramped? Here’s How To Declutter Your Home

shutterstock_152431349Do you ever feel like your home is shrinking amongst all your ‘stuff’? Or do you feel like you have room but you just don’t know where to start in order to get your house free of junk? There are a few simple steps that can be taken in order to make the most out of your space, free some room for other things and make your home feel like new again.

Junk yard

One of the key ways to get started is to get rid of the junk. We’re talking about broken lamps, bicycles that have rusted and shelves that won’t hold anything up anymore. If something is broken, don’t wait for that day off where you’ll spend the time repairing – get rid of it. If it still works but isn’t being used, try and sell it. There is no point in holding onto objects, furniture and knick-knacks because they might come in handy one day – how often have you actually used one of those things?

shutterstock_196109096Clear out your wardrobe

If you’re looking to free some space in your wardrobe, a great way to reduce your clothes is to determine if they are actually being worn. Start by turning all your coat hangers the opposite way. If you remove a garment and wear it, when it goes back in the cupboard turn the coat hanger the other way. After six months, you will have a clear picture of what items of clothing have been worn and what ones haven’t. Sell items that are still in good condition and donate the rest. You’ll be freeing up space in your wardrobe as well as helping out local charities.

Kitchen draws

Another area of the home that can be full of items that you don’t need is the kitchen. How many knives do you have laying in the draw? Or spatulas? Or old pots and pans? You may have a knife block with knives you barely use, plus a few in the draws. Get rid of any utensils and appliances that don’t get used often enough. Remember to get rid of duplicates.

One of each item is usually sufficient, plus reducing to just one means that you won’t be lazy too clean up what you need.

Toy storage

Children’s toys have a way of multiplying somehow. Toy storage is the best way to tidy things up. There are a range of toy boxes that have no lids or flip up lids which make it easier for children to learn to put away their toys. It’s even easier to get them to put toys away if it’s made into a fun game with a reward! Colourful boxes can either be bought or made with a little D.I.Y magic and can really appeal to children to have their own space to put their items.

Still no room?

Once you have removed everything you don’t need, you will be left with everything you DO need. What happens if this is still too much and you don’t want to sell these items? Whether it’s a futon in the garage for when you might have guests at Christmas time or winter clothing that isn’t getting used, placing your items in self-storage is convenient, safe and reliable. It means you still have your items without them clogging up all of your precious space in your home or garage.

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