How To Store Your Couch, Clean and Protected

How To Store Your Couch, Clean and Protected

How To Store Your Couch, Clean and Protected - Storage Plus

When it comes to furniture and household goods when moving or renovating, the most bulky item to store is your couch.

3 easy tips for storing your couch so it comes out of storage in good condition.

1. Clean Before You Store

Every couch is different so it is important to check the fabric tag before you prepare to clean. The fabric tag will tell you how you can clean with appropriate cleaning supplies. Most fabric couches can be cleaned with water based detergents or can be dry cleaned quite easily.

Leather couches, however, can be polished using a microfibre cloth and leather polish which can be purchased at most supermarkets. Alternatively; some of our residential tenants have suggested that you can use a more natural approach when cleaning leather simply with white vinegar or olive oil.

2. Clean Before You Store

Now your couch is clean and ready for the next step. Covering your couch will protect it from scuffs, marks and the unavoidable dust. If possible, dissemble your couch by removing cushions and feet for a simpler way to transport and store.

For the feet, we recommend covering in bubble wrap. If they are removable, once wrapped in bubble wrap place them in a bag. Attach the bag inside the couch so finding them when you need them is not a game of hide-and-go-seek.

In our experience cushions are best wrapped in either plastic or fabric. For short term storage, plastic bags are fine to store cushions and plastic covers can be used. For long term storage we highly suggest you consider Drop cloths or quilted pads as they allow for air to circulate, preventing the dreaded mildew formation. You can purchase these essentials in our Box Shop online and in-store.

Storage Plus Expert Tip: For better protection against moisture, place a bag of Silica Gel in the bag with your cushions and in the cover, it will protect leather and furniture by absorbing any moisture.

3. Your Storage Unit

At Storage Plus, our experts can help you ensure your unit is large enough. Flipping a couch on its side if it is going to be in self-storage long term can warp the frame of your couch. We also suggest that you do not stack large or heavy items on your couch.

Ensure there is space between items so items are not leaning and possibly indenting your couch. Ultimately, this will improve air flow in your self storage unit reducing the risk of mildew.

It is best to stand your couch off the unit floor – consider using pallets, blocks of wood or bricks. This goes for all items stored in a unit. It is always best to be safe than sorry, as much as storage facilities do their best to provide secure and clean units, accidents can happen. A spill from an adjoining storer could seep into your unit.

Storage Plus Expert Tip: For any couches that are precious such as heirlooms or collectables, we suggest one of our climate controlled units. But for those that are moving house and need something short term our non climate controlled units are clean, secure and suitable.

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