Moving To Sydney? You Need Storage Plus Rosebery!

Moving To Sydney? You Need Storage Plus Rosebery!

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Moving To Sydney? You Need Storage Plus.

So you’re considering moving to Sydney, a city renown for its beautiful beaches, spectacular national parks, iconic structures such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and one of Australia’s most loved climates for play indoors and out. But, there’s more to Sydney than its laid-back lifestyle.

Sydney boasts a modern public transport system, leading health care facilities and a high standard of education, which are some of the main reasons people from all over the world and interstate; make the decision to call Sydney home for study, work or family.

At Storage Plus, we’ve asked our customers who have relocated to Sydney for some unboxed tips, to help you in the lead up to moving to Sydney, before your move:


“visit websites like or if you are looking to rent or buy, these websites will help you get a start in the right direction” – Sandra, Bondi.

In addition to real estate directories, we also recommend that if finding the perfect home is taking time, consider serviced apartments for short-term accommodation while looking for a more permanent location.

Over the last couple of years we have seen platforms like, even Gumtree present some ideal share housing and private accommodation options reasonably priced and close to essentials like schools, shops and job opportunities.

At Storage Plus, we are happy to help you with your move with our self storage facilities, whether for a short month while you settle in to Sydney or for as long as you need until you find the home of your dreams.

Shipping Across The Sea

“when we considered moving to Sydney for my husbands promotion, we had no idea that storage could be easily managed by working with a storage company, trusted and respected like Storage Plus”, – Anika, Summer Hill

When it comes to moving from abroad, there are two options available that’s either by ‘Air’ or by ‘Sea’.

“If you are travelling light with the number of items you are bringing to Australia, consider sending them via air-freight, or split across carry-on and checked-in baggage allowance with your chosen airline” – There are two options available – air or sea”, – Antonio, Liverpool

However, if you are moving all your household items, our customers have said from their experience the best and most suitable option is sea-freight. Essentially, your household items are packed into a container that is loaded onto a ship and transported to Australia.

We want to remind you that all shipments entering Australia are subject to a Government Quarantine Inspection carried out by AQIS so some items may not make it past the inspection especially when it comes to wooden homewares and/or certain appliances.

“My family and I enjoyed the peace of mind when moving to Sydney, with a wide range of storage units available and a very helpful team of experts, Storage Plus made it easy, affordable and stress-free”, – Janice, North Sydney.

Explore our wide range of self storage units to suit your needs or contact our friendly team today on 02 8345 6000

Raising A Family In Harmony

With an abundance of recreational activities, parks and nature reserves like Royal Botanic Gardens where you can feed Australian wildlife such as Cockatoos, Lorikeet Parrots and the occasional Possum, enjoy a picnic at Centennial Park or coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee.

Australia has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence offering internationally recognised qualifications with immediate employment and career development opportunities. With industry leading professions in Hospitality, Tourism, Law, Medicine, Business and Arts, Industrial Engineering and Commercial Trades amongst top professions.

While Marriage Equality is still a topic yet to be settled in the Australian Parliament, Sydney is one of the most dynamic, creative and accepting multi-cultural cities in Australia; home of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival and World renown Parade.

For the latest news on whats happening in Sydney, the latest and hottest attractions visit

Staying Healthy In Sydney

Australia is lucky to have one of the most highly regarded Health Systems in the world, with ‘Medicare’ available to all Australian citizens, permanent residents and overseas visitors who come from countries that have reciprocal health care agreements with Australia.

Private Health Insurance is encouraged to supplement the public health system and there are some tax benefits for those who choose to do this. Anyone who wants to work/live or study in Australia must have private health cover before a visa will be issued to them.

We recommend you take a look at the Medicare website here or look into some private health cover options here.

On behalf of Storage Plus, we look forward to welcoming you to Sydney and if you are thinking of moving and need to store your household items, speak to our friendly team today about your options.

We will have a storage unit to suit your needs and requirements, and if you are looking for employment we may even have a position for you here in the Warehouse to help others make the move to Sydney. Contact us today.

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