Why do I need Self Storage Insurance?

Why do I need Self Storage Insurance?

Self Storage insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure protection of your goods whilst they are stored in our self storage facility. If your goods worth storing they are certainly worth insuring.

Not all household cover extends to Self Storage facilities and in many cases you are not insured when the goods are not on your property.

Self Storage insurance caters for defined events that are out of control of the self storage operator. The premiums are low and can be paid monthly with your storage fees. The Self Storage operator is not obligated to replace your goods if they are damaged in an event at the self storage facility that is the purpose of the insurance that is offered to you at the time you move in.

Self Storage facilities are pretty safe and as an industry we are very proud of their safety record, but you cannot predict events of the future and that is why insurance is a prudent to protect the value of your goods.

One important aspect is not under ensure your goods, if you believe your goods worth $50,000 or it would cost 50,000 to replace them, then take and $50,000 with the insurance. All insurers assess the damage versus the cover and you do not want to penalised for under insuring your goods.

An important point: if you store your goods with your friends or family and something happens to those goods they are not covered under your friends or families household policy. You risk the loss of your goods and friendship.

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