How Self Storage Can Benefit You and Your Business

How Self Storage Can Benefit You and Your Business

shutterstock_205645069People often think that self storage is only used by people who are moving house and need somewhere to keep their belongings on a temporary basis. However, storage units are used by all types of people for a variety of purposes. Businesses often use these units and find that doing so has many advantages. Here are some of the main ways that businesses can benefit from using storage.

Surplus or seasonal stocka

There may be times when you have stock that you are not yet ready to sell, but you still need to store somewhere. Similarly, if you sell seasonal items, you may not want to devote space at your premises that could be put to good use for something else throughout the year. Hiring a unit is the perfect solution to this predicament. You can keep your stock safe and secure until you are ready to sell the goods.

Creating space

Business premises are often crammed full of stock, paperwork, and equipment. In many instances, much of this is unused on a day-to-day basis. However, you may still need access to these things even if you do not use them regularly. Putting such items into storage will create more space at your premises. This can help make your business look more organised, and can reduce the risk of any potential health and safety issues related to having things lying around.

Preparing for expansion

shutterstock_227261620If your business is going well, then you may be considering expanding. To accommodate this in the long-term, you might need to think about larger premises. In the short-term, you can keep extra stock or equipment in storage until you are ready to take the bigger leap into buying or leasing a larger business premises.

Data and archive storage

Many businesses keep files and information about former clients, customers, associates, deals, or patients. It is important that they archive this historical data for reference, but they may find that it takes up a lot of space that could be put to better use. Storing historical data and archives at a storage facility is a great way to keep the documents safe and secure, while freeing up the space for current records.


One reason people choose to put things in storage instead of simply getting larger premises is the difference in cost between the two. If you opt to get larger premises, you will not only have a larger rent or lease to pay, you will also have other larger overheads to contend with, such as tax and utilities. In comparison, a unit works out much more cost-effective as you are simply paying a small hire fee each month. If you are trying to minimise your costs and maximise profit margins, then this is something you should certainly take into consideration.


shutterstock_15389050Often, business owners find the convenience of hiring storage units a huge benefit. They can have access to their property as and when they like, their goods are safe and secure, storage units are much less hassle than hiring premises, and you are only paying for the amount of space you need and only for as long as you need it. The convenience of self-storage removes a lot of the problems posed by other storage solutions.


Companies need to be sure that their goods are safe. Using a storage unit is an excellent way to ensure the security of stock, equipment, or files. The only person to have access to the unit is you, and most storage facilities also offer additional security at their premises.

Online and home businesses

If your business trades predominantly online, or you work from home, you may have limited space to store your stock or equipment. As your business grows, hiring a unit is the perfect solution.

Regardless of whether you have business premises, an online business, or you work from home, self storage can be the perfect solution to many problems you may encounter in your business. The benefits of hiring a unit could even contribute to the overall success of your business venture.

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