The Most Unusual Uses of Storage Units

The Most Unusual Uses of Storage Units

shutterstock_128309366Storage units have seen strong global growth in recent times. This has been attributed mainly to the fact that people have been downsizing their homes and putting many of their belongings into storage facilities. However, businesses have been turning to storage units as well, as they try and run a leaner operation.

In addition to the phenomenon of mass downsizing, spare rooms are being converted into home offices and attics are being converted into bedrooms. This means that the items formerly stored in these areas of a home are often being housed in a storage unit.

Whilst we know the main reasons for their growth in the popularity, storage units are also seeing some more creative and unusual uses. Here are just a few of these ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas.

Home is where the storage unit is

Whilst storage units are not built for human habitation (it’s actually not allowed), stories have emerged of people deciding to call their storage unit home. A Colorado woman went on a road trip following a personal tragedy, and after tiring of living in her car and falling into a deep depression, she rented a storage unit and lived in it for a few months.

While this was strictly not allowed, management turned a blind eye as she had fallen on tough times. In the few months that she lived in her unit, she managed to make it a home whilst disguising this fact from other tenants, using a cardboard facade to create an illusion that it was full of boxes.

During this time, she managed to get her life back on track and eventually moved on – so her creativity, determination and tenacity paid off.

An external living room

As space becomes more and more limited and house prices skyrocket, many of us are getting used to living in much smaller apartments. One owner of a storage unit in the United Kingdom was famous for creating a living room environment and inviting her friends over for coffee!

Gym junkies

shutterstock_180237029In the United Kingdom, a Mixed Martial Arts school has managed to establish and grow a large operation out of their storage unit. Starting out with a small space and gradually renting the surrounding units over time meant that the owners simply had to knock down the partitions to create a large, no fuss, training space which adds to the ‘tough as nails’ ambience.

Management of this particular facility is obviously accepting of this particular use, even offering the manager’s shower for members to use if they need to.

Dangerous liaisons

We’ve all seen it in the movies – a late night drug bust going down at a storage facility on the edge of the city. Having an out of sight, private box in an area with minimal foot traffic means that certain illegal practices are considered more feasible.

Some facility owners have even reported witnessing illicit personal affairs or liaisons, so it seems that hotels and motels might be losing business to the humble storage unit too.

Musical box

shutterstock_102970169Many musicians store their equipment in storage facilities as things like amps, guitars, drum kits and other instruments can take up a lot of room at home. Eventually, many bands tire of picking up their equipment to go to practice so the next logical step is for them to simply practice inside their unit.

In fact, some storage units open up to reveal fully functioning recording studios inside. This is certainly one way to discover ‘underground music’.

Top-secret space business

It’s not just regular people and businesses that use storage units. US television show, Auction Hunters stumbled across a unit that had been used to store a countdown timer and rocket used by NASA. They must have thought that the facility was top secret, but weren’t counting on the rise in popularity of such units over time.

The box office

shutterstock_100289249In another practice not allowed by most facilities, many people have the idea of setting up an office in a storage unit, rather than paying high rents in the city. Productivity may skyrocket as it’s unlikely you’ll be disturbed here, but we’d imagine it would get quite lonely and coffee breaks just wouldn’t be the same!

The list of unusual uses for storage units goes on and on. Most of these so-called ‘creative’ uses will continue to be illegal or frowned upon, but it certainly is a testament to the ability of some individuals to think outside the box.

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