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If you thought self storage was convenient, just wait till you hear about the other storage option we provide at Storage Plus, South Yarra. Mobile Self Storage is all the rage with householders and businesses on the move and it’s not hard to see why, when you consider just how convenient it is.

Mobile self storage explained

When you need storage, you normally have to hire a truck, load your goods into it, drive them across town and then unload them into the storage unit. And then when you want your goods back, you have to do the whole thing in reverse. That’s not only costly and time-consuming, but it can be highly stressful as well.

With Mobile Self Storage, we bring the storage unit to you, which means that instead of handling your goods four times, you only have to twice; once when you load them into the storage module and once when you unload them again.

No more costly truck rental, no more stress. We simply bring the storage module of your choice to your home or premises, where our removalists can help with loading the goods or you can do this yourself. We then take it back to our South Yarra facility for storage until you need it. And you can rest assured it’s totally secure during storage, because you have the only key and our facility is protected by state of the art security, including 24 hour surveillance.

Choose the self storage option that comes to you

Whether you’re a householder renovating your home, moving to a new one or simply wanting to declutter a bit, Storage Plus Mobile Self Storage is the convenient way to store your goods – and you won’t even have to leave home to do it. We can also help if you’re a business wanting to store unused stock, archives or other records securely offsite. So for anyone needing some extra space, Storage Plus mobile self storage provides a cost effective solution to your storage problems.

To find out more about our mobile self storage service, just give us a call at Storage Plus on 03 9421 6900. We’re open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, plus 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. So call us for a free quote or to organise an inspection of our South Yarra facility or contact us online by simply clicking the button below.

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