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There’s no doubt that moving is tough. Not only do you have to spend hours packing household items and dismantling furniture, but you also have to transport them safely to a new location. This can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re doing it on your own. You may also sustain an injury, damage furniture or face unexpected costs. That’s why people turn to removalists. They make moving safe, quick and easy – and free you up to do more important things. Here are 5 reasons why you should use a removalist for your next move.

1. Save time with moving

You may think that hiring a truck will save you time, but that’s not necessarily true. You need to pick up the truck, load it, unload it and do this several times before taking it back to the depot. If you’re not used to driving a large vehicle or packing onto a truck, this could take hours. Professional removalists, on the other hand, know how to load and unload a truck in the quickest time possible. This allows you to concentrate on more important things, like looking after your family, shopping or organising utilities in your new home.

2. Prevent injury from moving

When you tackle a move yourself, you run the risk of injury, either because you lifted something incorrectly or it fell out of your grasp. What’s more, if you’ve got friends or family helping out, they won’t be covered by insurance if they get hurt. By hiring a removals company in Sydney, you get professional staff who are trained to lift items quickly and correctly. They also have trolleys and pulleys to handle heavier items or difficult angles.

3. Avoid accidental breakages

As an inexperienced mover, you might wind up with chipped furniture or broken glassware. This is because you may not know how to pack or transport items properly. For example, you may hire a truck that’s too small or forget to use a dolly, straps and blankets. But even if you’re fully equipped, you may stack items incorrectly or misjudge a corner when you’re carrying a wardrobe up the stairs. Professional removalists, however, face these challenges every day. They know exactly how to lift, manoeuvre and store your belongings to avoid damage. If you want even more protection, take advantage of their packing services. This costs you an additional fee, but at least you’ll know that delicate items like crockery, lamps and mirrors will arrive in one piece!

4. You get moving insurance

Accidents happen when you move. A microwave may slip out of your hands or your wine glasses may arrive shattered. Unless you’ve got insurance (and few do), you’ll have to foot the bill. With a removals company, insurance is covered in the cost, so you don’t have to worry about paying for breakages. Removalists take every precaution possible, but if an item does get lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll be quickly reimbursed.

5. Save money moving

You may want to save money by moving house or moving furniture yourself, but hidden costs could blow out your budget. For example, it may take longer to load, move and unpack furniture, either because an item was difficult to secure or you got stuck in traffic. This means that the cost of your hire truck will increase – and so will your petrol costs. Plus, if you have an accident or damage furniture, you’ll need to pay for medical costs or replacements – which could cost you hundreds of dollars. A removalist will know exactly how long a move will take and give you a fixed price for the job. This means you can budget in advance and avoid unexpected costs.

Removalists are a helpful resource

Whether you’re moving house or putting items into self-storage, a professional removalist can help you save time, protect your belongings and prevent unnecessary injury. While it may be tempting to hire a truck and enlist friends to help, this isn’t always cost-effective. You could spend hours in traffic or have trouble loading and unloading the truck. You might even pull a muscle or drop a priceless vase. This could cost you hundreds in the long run and cause unnecessary stress, both for you and your family. Instead, sit back and let the removalists do the heavy lifting for you! For more moving advice, see 9 Tips for a Stress-Free Move.