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Is it time to put your caravan or camper trailer in secure and clean storage for an extended period of time; ready for the next big adventure?

At Storage Plus we store just about anything for our business and residential tenants, today we share with you some great tips to prepare your caravan for storage and have it ready for your next trip.

  1. Cleaning – It’s important you clean the outside of your caravan. This includes a thorough clean of the roof, sides and below – making sure you remove all dirt, oil, dust and grime. A great cleaning job will protect your caravan from any mould build up and ensure your van is in good shape ready to hit the road for your next big adventure.
  2. Remove Water – To prevent water becoming stagnate which will cause damage to the pipes of your caravan, ensure you empty water tanks, water filters and spare water containers.
  3. Food – The last thing you need when you open your caravan is to endure the aroma of rotting fruit and vegetables, or the remains of that fast food grab. Cleaning all cupboards and removing all food and perishables, to avoid a nasty lingering scent or attracting unnecessary visitors such as creepy crawlies. We suggest creating a list of what is removed so it helps you re-stock for your next caravan sight seeing trip.
  4. Clothes and Linen – Avoid must and dust, by emptying all cupboards and removing any clothes, bed linen, cushions and pillows from your caravan.
  5. Electrical – We recommend covering all electrical connections while in storage as well as ensuring that all lights and cords are unplugged.
  6. Windows/Doors – Protecting your caravan interior is essential, we suggest you close and lock all windows, but leaving at least one or two inside vents open to prevent mould and help with air circulation. It’s also a good idea to close the blinds this will stop sunlight from damaging the interior over a long period of time.
  7. Batteries and Gas – For the safety of all tenants it is important that you turn your gas bottle off and cover it, also removing batteries from any appliances such as the TV remote, as they have a habit of leaking if stored for too long.
  8. Fridge – The fridge needs a thorough clean so that there are no food scraps left. Before puting your Caravan into storage, we recommend propping open the fridge door to prevent mould and nasty smells – once they start it’s hard to reverse!
  9. Cover – It’s always a good idea to invest in a professional caravan cover while in storage.
  10. Insurance – Although Storage Plus provides 24 hour security video surveillance and electronic code entry, we highly advise you to obtain insurance for you caravan while in storage.

Ready to put your caravan into safe and secure storage? Check out our vehicle storage solutions!