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It’s the start of a NEW and exciting chapter, you’ve made the decision to move to Melbourne! What lured you in? Was it the thriving art scene, lively theater, or your love for fine food, local wines and culture?

Whatever your reason, at Storage Plus we can help you get there! Storage Plus offers a professional self-storage service and mobile-storage delivery system when combined with MEGABOX.

When it comes to interstate moving, simply pack your belongings into the MEGABOX we deliver to your door (or we can help you pack!) and when you’re done, we can arrange to have your belongings delivered to your new address in Melbourne. This sounds too simple?

Some Advice for your Melbourne chapter, thanks to Storage Plus.

  1. Public Transport. When it comes to Melbourne, you’ve never seen anything quite like it in any other Australian City. Trams are one of the most favorable forms of transport which can get you anywhere you need to go – but can be jam packed full (more than Sydney trains!).
  2. Drivers License. The Law requires all road users to apply for a Victorian driver’s license within three (3) months of moving, so make sure your vehicle is registered with Victoria Roads and that you have a roadworthy certificate issued in this state (not NSW or other states).
  3. Two Airports. Unlike Sydney, there are two local airport locations – Tullamarine and Avalon. Tullamarine is the main airport, being located only 25km north of the city. A taxi from Tullamarine to the city centre is quite expensive, usually costing around $60. However, there are cheap and easy bus services that run to and from the airport to Southern Cross station and will cost $16 one-way or $26 return (approximately). The Avalon airport is 55km west of Melbourne and bus fares will be $18 one-way, or $32 return into Southern Cross station.
  4. Shopping Spree. Melbourne is renowned for its fantastic shopping and gone are the days of bringing an empty suitcase with you on a holiday with big plans to hit up Chapel Street. Moving to Melbourne means having these shops on your doorstep. Late night trading happens on Thursdays and Friday nights, where the shopping precincts will be open until 9pm. However, the larger supermarkets (Coles, Safeway etc) are open until midnight 7 days a week, making those insatiable late night chocolate cravings a thing of the past.
  5. Weather. On any given day in Melbourne it’s likely that you’ll experience every season within the same 24 hours. It pays to take an umbrella and/or jacket with you if you’re going to be outside, as when it comes to Melbourne weather, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  6. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. You’re moving to one of the best cities in Australia, a city that is renowned for its excellent social calendar. There is never nothing to do in Melbourne and your hardest decision most weekends will be what festival to attend; music festivals, art festivals, food festivals, spiritual festivals, there’s bound to be a festival on somewhere. If you’re not at a festival you’ll no doubt be trying out the latest new bar or eatery. So what are you waiting for?

When you arrive at your new home in Melbourne, don’t forget that we have a Melbourne Self-Storage location you are more than welcome to store your belongings with until you settle into your new home and/or business – not to mention when you’ve run out of the closet space after all the shopping!

For a simple stress free move call Storage Plus on 02 8345 6000 and inquire about our mobile self-storage services.