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Keeping your tools in good shape is vital when you’re a tradie. But there are times when tools rust, break or get stolen – and it’s usually because they’re not stored properly. While you might think that a garage or ute is a great storage solution, it won’t provide long-term protection from theft, water damage or mould. Instead, you need a safe, temperature-controlled environment that’ll keep your tools in optimum condition. Whether your trades business is large or small, below are four reasons why a self-storage unit is the best place to store your work tools.

Avoid theft

There’s nothing worse than opening your van only to find that your hedge trimmer or toolbox is gone. In fact, tool theft is growing in Australia and tradies are spending thousands on replacements. To avoid this scenario, keep your tools in a high-security self-storage unit when you’re not using them. You’ll enjoy 24/7 CCTV, alarm systems, high-perimeter fencing and controlled access. What’s more, you’ll be able to keep working while other tradies wait for their insurance to come through!

Declutter your garage

It can be tempting to fill your garage with work equipment. After all, it’s cheap and convenient! But this can displace important items which are less secure when they’re not undercover. What’s worse, your work tools – particularly sharps and electricals – can pose a risk to curious children or pets. Instead, declutter your garage and keep your family safe by storing your work tools in a locked self-storage unit. You’ll have exclusive 24-hour access, and they won’t get lost amid other items.

Keep your tools organised

You can work faster and smarter if you know where your tools are. If your tools are crammed together because of lack of space, it may take a while to find them. Self-storage units, however, provide more space than your average shed or ute. This means you can organise your tools and equipment according to size, type and frequency of use. You can even use shelved compartments and store vertically, allowing for space maximisation. If you’ve got large work tools, like a circular saw or a ride-on mower, you can rent an outdoor unit with car access. This allows you to load and unload it quickly and easily.

You don’t need to clear space in your garage or buy a van to store your work tools. For an affordable (and tax-deductable) monthly fee, you can give them a secure home, avoid costly replacements and keep your family safe. If your trades business is growing and you want a flexible storage solution for your tools, StoragePlus can help. Contact our friendly team to discuss your self-storage needs or fill out our online form to get a free quote.