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Since the beginning of time, nothing has inspired people to declutter, move and put items in storage quite like the power of a good, blood pumping, uplifting music.

Whether you’re packing, storing and moving with family, friends, colleagues, your better half or your university crush from across the hall – the right song can put a bounce in your step and motivate just about anyone to help you get from point A to point B.

Here are some of the Storage Plus team’s favourite songs to declutter, pack and shift to (and why):

Let’s Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John

• Warm up the tight muscles before some heavy lifting

• Switch off the procrastination and focus the mind on the ‘move’

• Gets the attention of other people in the storage warehouse

• A fun song to move and dance to with slow-motion stretches with packing tape

Moving On Up by M People

• Its’ hard to resist shaking what yo’ mamma gave you when this is pumping.
• An infectious beat with inspiring lyrics for bigger and better brighter future

Born To Run By Bruce Springsteen

• Lifts your spirits and reminds you that good times are around the corner.
• Air-saxophone and croon-a-long with ‘The Boss’ while you do the heavy lifting and shifting

With A Little Help from My Friends by The Beatles

• Where would you be on the day of moving and shifting without a little help from friends?
• Celebrate your friends helping you; before you shout them that pizza you promised

Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles

• Searching for life’s meaning will start again after you’ve finished packing.
• Turn your friends and family into a rhythmical smooth production line of smiles

Our House by Madness

• Just picture the sunshine of a spotless house in which you are now free from clutter.

I Feel The Earth Move by Carol King

• If stress levels are peaked, this pop classic is your serenity medicine.
• You don’t even need an ounce of rhythm or pro-dancer skills to pack and stack to this classic

Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

• Send the message through song to the yappy one in your group, less talk more sorting.
• Gets disruptive dawdlers back to work (with a polite nudge).

If You’re Happy and You Know it by Someone in Latvia

• Need to get the young kids involved? One of the kids favourite to get them in the spirit.
• Change the words like “if you’re happy and you know it, help mummy move this couch”

Rocky Theme

• It’s the end of the day. Turn this song up loud and rejoice – you’ve accomplished the move!
• A great fun track to raise your hands and roar “I DID IT!”