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Knowing proper mattress storage is crucial because mattresses are expensive. They’re investments that you need to take care of. If you’re not sure how to do it, continue reading about the best way to store your mattress to keep it in good condition and prevent damage.

Choose the ideal place to keep your mattress

Storage units for mattresses are important because these are large items. So, you need to keep them somewhere free from disturbances.

If you plan to keep your mattress in self-storage such as your house, it can be best to store it in your garage. It would have the best conditions if you stored your mattress here. Compared to other parts of the house, it’s cooler there, reducing the chances of damaging the cover and fillings of your mattress. But, before putting your mattress there, you must check carefully that the area is dry and clean.

Storing your mattress in a rented space, you must make sure that there is ample ventilation and climate control. A climate-controlled storage helps keep your mattress smell fresh and the fillings in great condition. It also needs to be clean and big enough to place your mattress flat on the floor.

Arrange your space

As mentioned, it’s very important that the surface where you will put your mattress is clean. If you plan to place it on the floor, you must vacuum and thoroughly clean anything that could cause damage or stain your mattress.

If you’re planning to rest it against your wall, use a cloth and wipe the surface and dust the surrounding area.

You can move your mattress there when you’re sure that these areas are clean. Put simply, the storage area must be clean no matter where you put your mattress.

Wash your mattress

Cleaning your mattress is something you should do if you don’t want bacteria and dirt trapped in your mattress. Also, you want to keep it fresh until you use it again.

To clean it, remove all the bedding first. Then, using an upholstery attachment, vacuum your mattress and use a mild detergent to do spot cleaning on stains. Air out your mattress and allow it to dry completely.

Use a plastic wrap or mattress cover

You can wrap your mattress using breathable plastic or place it in a mattress bag for protection. Mattress bags are great since they’re made from durable plastic that protects your mattress from pests, dust, dirt, water, and light.

Transporting your mattress

Once packed properly, your mattress is now ready to be moved. You must make sure that you have a clear path to avoid injuries. It’s best to have someone to help you carry your mattress and another to guide you if possible.

Using a mattress bag or plastic wrap is a must if you transport your mattress in a van for safety. During transit, you can use blankets to keep it more secure. You should also check that there’s nothing near or leaning on your mattress in case something moves and falls on it.

Store your mattress flat

All types of mattresses are ideally best laid flat on a surface. That’s because it keeps all the fillings and box springs intact. This is more crucial for memory foam mattresses, natural filling, and pocket sprung mattresses.

The fillings can be affected if you lean your mattress on the side. It may result in changing the support and comfort your mattress has when you take it out. But, if you have a latex or foam mattress, you don’t have to worry about leaning it on the side because the materials won’t be disturbed a lot.

You must keep in mind not to put anything on top of the mattress when you put it in your storage. Mattresses are made for back, hips, and joint support when you sleep. When you place heavy items on top of it, the support may change and result in your mattress being uncomfortable for sleeping.

If cleaning the surface of your storage space isn’t possible, you can purchase a cheap plywood block and place your mattress on the top instead of the floor to avoid making it dirty.

Confirm the temperature

Your mattress can become damaged or mouldy when the humidity is too much in the mattress bag or the plastic cover becomes moist.

A cool room is highly suggested for a mattress to avoid making it damp. If you’re renting, you must make sure to choose climate-controlled storage. Between 18 degrees and 19 degrees, Celsius is the perfect temperature to ensure that your mattress is in good condition.

Make certain of ventilation

You can avoid dampness in your mattress by making sure that the storage area has good ventilation.

Keeping your mattress fresh and clean requires ample airflow. If you’re keeping your mattress at home, you can use a fan or open your window to have the right airflow. For rented storage spaces, you must check that there is an air-conditioner to keep it from getting very damp.

If you plan to keep your mattress in storage for a long period, you must open the plastic or mattress bag seal once a week to allow the mattress to breathe.

Check your mattress

After one week of storing your mattress, it’s recommended that you check it from time to time. It’s also best to leave your mattress for 3 to 4 hours to air to remove odours that might have accumulated in storage.


Finally, you know some of the effective ways to store your mattress and make sure that it’s comfortable enough when you use it again. Following these steps are more beneficial if you use a mattress topper. What you need to remember is to keep your mattress in a clean, cool, and well-ventilated area, use a mattress bag for protection, and position it flatly on the surface.