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How To Store Clothing Long Term

Need Help Storing Your Mountain Of Clothes But Don't Know How? After scouring the internet we discovered the following 6 simple steps and measures you should take when storing your clothes long term in self-storage. Wash Your Clothes Before Storing Wash and iron your clothes before storing. Sur...

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Coffee Storage Advice

Calling all the coffee lovers out there... ever wondered How To Keep Coffee Fresh In Self Storage? At Storage Plus, we may know a thing or two about self storage but our busy office buzzes with coffee lovers daily. Most of our team rely on their morning coffee to kick start their day so we decide...

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Packing Your Bag For Travel

Everyone brings their own flair to packing their bag before leaving on the jet plane to travel around the world. what do you bring with you when you travel? What does this say about who you are? At Storage Plus we love nothing more than to help guide our customers to make the most of their ho...

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Top 10 Songs For Storage and Moving Days

Top 10 Songs For Moving and Storage Days

Since the beginning of time, nothing has inspired people to declutter, move and put items in storage quite like the power of a good, blood pumping, uplifting music. Whether you're packing, storing and moving with family, friends, colleagues, your better half or your university crush from across...

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Moving Interstate To Melbourne

It's the start of a NEW and exciting chapter, you've made the decision to move to Melbourne! What lured you in? Was it the thriving art scene, lively theater, or your love for fine food, local wines and culture? Whatever your reason, at Storage Plus we can help you get there! Storage Plus offer...

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Why Businesses Choose Us For Self Storage PLUS Exclusive Benefits!

Storage Plus Commercial and Business Storage

You deserve a stress free, cost effective and flexible business storage solution that is right for you including: flexible warehousing for inventory. Secure storage for business documents. Clean and 24/7 Access during renovations. Storage during relocation between locations. We ha...

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Sydney Special Offer

Save 40% on all storage units (1-3 bedrooms) on level 1 at our new improved Rosebery facility

Melbourne Special Offer

Save 60% on all storage units. Reserve your storage unit online today.