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Using MAXIBOX With Removalists

Whether its renovations, moving interstate or changing homes at the end of your lease, when you combine MAXIBOX with Removalists you'll SAVE TIME and SAVE MONEY. " BUT HOW? " ... a question we hear often at Storage Plus! Because when you book removalists they only have to load once (they d...

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Organise Your Storage Unit Like An Expert

Christmas Gift Self Storage

Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to clear up clutter at home or in the office, but can also represent new challenges. We share our expert tips on how to organise and maximise space in your Storage Plus Unit or MaxiBox. Simply boxing up excess items and stuffing them in your locker wit...

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Hide Christmas Gifts In Self Storage

Christmas Gift Self Storage

The joy and magic of Christmas is upon us, which means one thing - it's time to figure out what gifts to give and more importantly where to hide them! Between Black Friday bargains, Festive specials and markdowns as well as 24/7 online shopping, it's easy to get your hands on the items your lov...

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Holiday Advice For Extended Travel Periods

Storage Advice For Extended Holidays and Travel - Storage Plus

Thinking of travelling for an extended period of time? Like most Australian's you're probably worried about your household belongings of value while on Holiday. Many Australians travel for either work or pleasure for up to twelve months or more. The thought of setting off on a trip around Austral...

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Mould Free Fridge Storage

How To Clean Your Fridge For Storage

When storing a fridge one of the greatest concerns is mould. If the fridge is not thoroughly cleaned and dried before being stored it will be in such a state when removed that it can no longer be used. Below is four steps to help ensure your fridge is in working order while stored: 1. Leave plen...

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How To Store Your Couch, Clean and Protected

How To Store Your Couch

When it comes to furniture and household goods when moving or renovating, the most bulky item to store is your couch. 3 easy tips for storing your couch so it comes out of storage in good condition. 1. Clean Before You Store Every couch is different so it is important to check the fabric tag...

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