6 Clever Ways to Make More Space in Your Home

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Living close to a city centre can have its advantages – short commutes, trendy cafes, live music – but the one thing that’s often lacking is space. Let’s face it, most inner-city properties are the size of a postage stamp, leaving little room for you or your family to grow. But you don’t have to build an extension or move further away to fix this. Read on to discover six clever ways to make more space in your home. 

Get rid of clutter

The easiest way to make space is to declutter your home. Go through each room and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. Be brutally honest. Will you use that sewing machine again? Do you still need your university textbooks? Remove these items and sell them online or at a garage sale. Alternatively, donate them to a friend or charity store.

Add shelves to pantries and cupboards

Have you noticed how much space goes unused in your pantries and cupboards? Look up and you’ll find that there are 20 or 30 centimetres you could be using. To maximise the use of this space, buy customisable shelf racks that allow you to stack objects over two or three levels. Not only will this make retrieval easy, but you’ll also be able to fit twice as many items.

PRO TIP: Use the inside of your pantry or cupboard doors to make even more space. Attach screw hooks for items like colanders, tea strainers or shopping bags. If you don’t want to damage the door, try an over-door hanger or removable 3M plastic hooks.

Tuck things under your bed

If you’ve got items that don’t fit into your wardrobe or linen closet, put them in storage boxes under your bed. This works well for blankets, doonas or shoeboxes. They remain hidden away but still accessible. Just make sure you buy storage containers that fit comfortably under your bed.

PRO TIP: If space under your bed is limited, consider using vacuum-sealed bags. These can shrink pillows and clothes to a fraction of their size – and keep moisture and dust at bay.

Fill your suitcases

Most suitcases tend to be stored empty, which means that you’re missing out on valuable storage space. Fill them with clothes, sheets, blankets, beach towels and other seasonal items. They’ll remain clean and dust-free, and help you make extra space in your wardrobe.

Use vertical space

If your bedroom walls are empty, add decorative hooks or racks to hang your bags, scarfs, necklaces, coats or ties. You’ll be surprised by how much space this can free up in your wardrobe. If you’ve got wall space in your kitchen or dining room, install open shelving to display crockery, glasses or teapots. This will declutter your cabinets and give your room instant character. Lastly, don’t forget the tops of kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. Give them a quick dust and place storage boxes on top of them. The higher you go, the less noticeable they’ll be!

Rent a storage unit

Sometimes you can only do so much with the space you’ve got. If you’re still struggling after employing our space-saving strategies, it may be time to rent a storage unit. This can be useful for seasonal or less-used items, like trundle beds, outdoor furniture, lawnmowers and old photo albums. You can borrow these items when you need them or keep them in storage until you move to a larger property. Even though you pay a small monthly fee, it’s cheaper than renting a larger property or adding another storey to your house!

Final thoughts

Whether you live in a cosy terrace or a studio apartment, there are plenty of ways to reclaim space and make your home look open and inviting again. It can be as simple as decluttering, adding shelves to your pantries, using vertical wall space and vacuum sealing your bedding. But if you’ve run out of space and you’re considering off-site storage for your belongings, have a chat with our expert team or request a free quote today.

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