How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

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Do you have a lot of clutter in your home? If you do, you might want to consider doing a garage sale. It is an excellent way to declutter and earn extra cash at the same time.

However, doing a garage sale can be a little more challenging than you think. First, you need to educate yourself with the required permit for it. You should also check about the taxes involved in the sale.

Once you have a green light on the legalities of a garage sale, you can now start to plan to make the event successful. In this article, you will learn about several helpful tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

Garage Sales Top Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will help increase the chances of success of your garage sale:

Advertise your garage sale event

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter help you share the announcements or activities you will hold with other people. You can have a creative DIY poster on these sites to catch the attention of potential bargain hunters.

You can also print flyers and distribute them in your locality. Do not forget to include important information such as date, time, address, and advocacy, should you have some charities to share the proceeds to.

You may also prefer to put a Garage sale in 3 days’ signage in your front yard before the activity. This will be a good way to inform passers-by of your upcoming sale.

Sort your items creatively

Classifying your items may take effort, especially in yard sales, where your things may seem to be made up of various items, but this will surely pay off.

Moreover, categorizing your articles will help you set up the layout of your store. Categories which you may classify your items may include the following:

  • Dress and clothes
  • Baby clothes and toys
  • Kitchenware and porcelains
  • Books
  • Shoes and bags
  • House decoration and figurines
  • Items of furniture
  • Beauty and health
  • Bikes
  • Arts and crafts

Have a garage sale checklist

Make a checklist for the items you may need during the sale. You may include things such as plastic bags, Ziplocs, markers, stapler, garment rack, hangers, pricing stickers, trash can, paper towels, sanitizers, mirrors, or extension cords should you need one for testing some electrical items or for putting up a sound system.

Put up poster boards

A huge garage sale sign will surely get the attention of potential customers. This will also serve as a locator for persons who decided to come but do not know your exact location.

Price tag your displayed items clearly.

Garage layout

A convenient garage is another key to letting your clients come in and have a look at all of your items. If the place is too crowded, this may hinder them from going further into the area.

A comprehensive layout of the location and the sorting categories you have created will help you plan and achieve this goal.

Hang your items

Marketing your items well can make a difference both in the presentation and pricing of your product. It will catch the potential buyer’s attention more than by letting it lie on the racks.

Have a sturdy cash box

Security is one factor to consider in activities such as garage sales. You may or may not employ securities depending on the extent of the sale, but minimum-security measures should be applied for the attendees, the garage sales staff, and the items.

Set aside items for freebies

With every shopping spree people go to, what adds a smile to their faces is some really good stuff they got for free. Why not put that smile on customers’ faces by giving them additional gifts after buying from your garage sale.

Invite family and friends to support you

No endeavor is too heavy and hard to do when you have somebody by your side to help.Your family and friends can be your best supporters when you try to venture into exciting activities like a garage sale.

They can assume a lot of responsibilities on our behalf, besides being our sure buyers. They can help in preparations like sorting and price tagging, accommodating guests, doing the cashier task, or help pack up when the event is done.

Check the weather forecast

Whatever may be the weather condition during your scheduled garage sale, the very good thing is you are ready for it.

Additional ideas to raise the revenue of your garage sale

Here are more tips that can help you increase your garage sale revenue:

Set Up a Mini auction for Your Valuable Items

Schedule a certain hour within your scheduled garage sale when you will hold a mock auction show for fun and for a few more additional sums of money.

Try visiting storage unit auctions

Storage units near you may be conducting bidding on abandoned or delinquently paid storage units. You may register with the Auction manager and try your luck with it. Usually, you can buy a whole unit for a few dollars and get the chance to find usable stuff and items which you can include in your upcoming garage sale.

Sell in bundles

Selling in bundles is one of the wisest things to do when you are conducting a garage sale. You need to be creative in putting stuff together so it will be taken immediately. This is also an excellent means to dispose of items quickly.

Final thoughts

A garage sale is one of the best methods of decluttering. It can also be a fun and creative way to raise extra cash and at the same time, clean up the storage spaces.

It takes preparation, creativity, and patience for you to have a successful garage sale. However, the tips above will help make your chances for success higher.

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