How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

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Regardless of why moving happens, there’s no doubt that it’s very stressful for most people. It can also be dangerous if you try to move heavy furniture by yourself. If you’ve ever tried to move a heavy object by yourself, you know how challenging it can be.

Worse still is when you can’t afford movers. You might think that hiring a professional movers company is the only way to go or that you’ll need multiple friends to lift your furniture successfully.

Neither of these is true; all you need is some strong determination and the proper instructions to do so, as shown in this guide.

1. Keep a couple of key tools on hand

You’ll want a couple of key tools before moving furniture, especially if you’re trying to tackle the project alone. They’re useful for both moving furniture itself as well as getting through door frames and stairwells without scratching or damaging anything.

You’ll need some heavy-duty furniture straps, a dolly, and a few other items to help you lift, move, and put down your furniture pieces safely.

2. Use a dolly to move heavy furniture

Using a dolly is the easiest way to make any piece of furniture feel significantly lighter. You can buy one or rent one from most home improvement stores or rental companies. However, if you don’t have access to a dolly, there’s a trick that works almost as well.

Grab an old blanket and fold it several times until it’s about three feet wide. Drape the blanket over your shoulder, place the piece of furniture on top and carry it.

Using furniture blankets will help you distribute its weight more evenly across your body, so it won’t hurt as much when you move it.

3. Ask a friend to help you move the furniture

Ask a friend to help you move the furniture. It’s always safer and easier to move a heavy object with someone else’s assistance than to try it alone.

A friend can help you lift the piece out of your current space or help you keep it steady as you pull it through the doorways and hallways of your current or new home.

4. Disassemble the furniture before moving them

Take any shelves off your bookcases and remove drawers from dressers. You should also wrap each piece individually in blankets or plastic wrap and tape them together so that they don’t come apart in the middle of the move.

If you have trouble making sense of which screws go where, you can take pictures as you disassemble things so that you can reference them later on. Take apart any other furniture that can be disassembled safely.

5. Keep your back straight and bend at your knees when lighting heavy objects

When lifting a heavy and awkward item, one of the best lifting techniques to remember is not to lift it with your back; instead, use your knees and legs as much as possible.

It’s amazing how much more able our bodies are when we take advantage of the strength in our legs rather than trying to use our upper body alone.

6. Push instead of pull heavy objects as much as possible

Push instead of pulling heavy objects as much as possible. Pulling uses more effort than pushing, so try to push your heavy furniture instead. The only thing you should pull with a dolly is your refrigerator.

Pulling something puts your back at greater risk for injury than pushing does. However, if you must pull something, make sure to keep your back straight and bend your knees.

7. Use furniture sliders and lifting straps

Furniture sliders are plastic disks that make moving furniture across tile, hardwood, and linoleum floors easier.

These handy little widgets can be used on any flooring to make moving furniture much easier. They’re designed for large pieces, so they’re easy to use and won’t break.

Lifting straps are shoulder harnesses that allow you to move heavy objects with ease by securing them to your body. You’ll still have to lift the object over thresholds, but both items make the process much easier.

8. Slide heavy furniture across the floor slowly

This will prevent damage to your walls, floors, and furniture. When sliding heavy objects across the floor, use a sliding device such as a dolly or even just a blanket or sheet to make things easier on yourself.

Slide one end underneath the piece of furniture and then grab hold of the other end and pull away.

9. Secure any drawers or doors in dressers

Dressers and chests have a lot of weight sitting on top of them if they have drawers or open and close doors.

It would be best to secure any drawers or doors in dressers and other pieces of furniture with tape before moving them so that they cannot open during transport and make things more difficult for yourself when moving.

It will also keep them from breaking open by accident. Any sudden movement could cause those to fly open and dump their contents on the floor. Use masking tape, packing tape, duct tape, or even string.

10. Lubricate hardwood floors so that furniture slides more easily

If you have hardwood floors, try putting a piece of hardboard or plywood under the furniture. This will spread out the weight and make it easier to move. You can also lubricate the floor with a product like Glide Slick to allow easy furniture sliding.

Final thoughts

The process really isn’t that complicated, at least if you know what to do when push comes to shove. These are simple, everyday tips that will make it easier to move heavy furniture by yourself.

Ultimately, it may not be reasonable to try moving a heavy piece of furniture yourself. The best course of action may be to call in outside help.

Never underestimate your own strength. You can move heavy items by yourself safely and effectively by taking the proper precautions. If you choose to try it on your own, wear gloves, go slow and don’t rush. If something doesn’t feel right, stop and take a break.

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