Prepare Your Couch for Storage in 4 Easy Steps

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Whether you’re renovating, preparing your house for sale or moving overseas, it’s important to store your belongings correctly. Most people are careful when it comes to packing crockery, books and clothes, but they don’t give the same attention to their couch. When they retrieve it months or years later, they find it warped, mouldy or damaged – mostly because they didn’t prepare it properly. To avoid this scenario, follow our step-by-step guide to keep your couch safe, clean and mould-free in your storage unit.

1. Give it a clean

Your couch may seem clean enough, but when you look closely, you’ll find dust, dirt, food crumbs and animal dander. This can lead to odour and mildew, particularly when you put it in a sealed self-storage unit. Before you move it into storage, vacuum it thoroughly and treat any stains or spills. Check the cleaning instructions before you do anything. If the fabric is delicate, a professional dry clean may be your best option. It may cost more, but it’s cheaper than replacing a mouldy couch! After cleaning, ensure the couch is completely dry before placing it in your storage unit. If you can, put it in the sun for a few hours to dry it completely.

2. Dismantle it

Dismantling your couch may be time-consuming, but it’s important for three reasons: it saves space, deters mould and prevents collapse if something falls on it. Start by unscrewing the feet and putting them in bubble wrap. If they’re made of metal, this will prevent tarnishing; if made from wood, you’ll avoid expansion due to temperature fluctuations. Next, remove all the cushions and place them in sealed bags. To keep them dry, put some desiccant sachets inside.

3. Use a cover

Now that your couch is dismantled, it’s time to cover it. You can buy specially designed lounge or chair covers to protect your couch from dust, moisture and light damage. Because they’re shaped to fit the item your covering, they’re better than sheets or blankets (which need to be pinned), and resilient enough to be used multiple times. Also, these special covers allow your couch to breathe, which means it won’t smell musty when you take it out of storage a year later.

4. Store it correctly

Now that your couch has been cleaned, dismantled and covered, it’s time to store it in the unit. Firstly, make sure your unit is large enough to fit your couch. A space calculator can help you assess how much space you need. But don’t be tempted to store the couch on its side. While this may save space, it can warp the frame or fall and damage other items during storage. Secondly, don’t stack anything on top of it. As well as protecting the springs from damage, it allows airflow, which prevents the growth of mould and mildew. Lastly, raise the couch from the ground by using palettes, blocks or bricks. If there are local floods or spills in an adjoining unit, your couch won’t get damaged.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got an antique or leather couch that’s being stored for a long time, consider renting a climate-controlled unit. This will ensure that your treasured heirloom stays in optimal condition.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing your couch for two months or two years. You can keep it clean, safe and dry by following these four easy steps. The same approach can be applied to other items like dining suites, sideboards and desks. If you’ve got any questions or you want further tips on preparing your household furniture for storage, feel free to contact our friendly team and we’d be happy to help!

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