Time to Declutter Your Wardrobe? Do it in 3 Simple Steps

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It’s surprising how quickly your wardrobe can get out of control. Before long, you’ve got clothes and shoes spilling all over the floor, and it can take hours to find what you’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean you should splash out on a new wardrobe. In this article, we show you how to tame that unruly wardrobe and get your bedroom back again. Let’s get started!

1. Assess

The first step is to assess what stays and what goes. Pull out every item of clothing and go through them one by one. How many are too small, too big, too tight or too worn? Are there clothes that no longer reflect your taste? Put all of these in your rejection pile. Don’t worry about what to do with them just yet; you can decide that later. Your priority is to make space.

Do the same with other wardrobes in the house. Make sure each family member is there so they can decide if they want to keep something or not. To make it easy, hold up a dress or pair of shoes and ask them to say, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If they give you a ‘Maybe’, put it aside and come back to it later.

Once you’ve decided what stays, check to see if anything is dusty, smelly or stained. Wash them so they’ll be fresh next time you use them. And don’t forget your shoes. Give them a quick polish and they’ll shine like new again!

2. Throw, donate or store

Now it’s time to decide what to do with the throw pile. If something is damaged or permanently stained, you can throw it in the bin or use it as a cleaning rag. If a dress or coat is still in good condition, you can donate it to a friend or a charity store.

If you have a wedding dress or baby clothes that you’d like to keep, wash them and pack them into sturdy boxes. Keep these boxes in a secure place, like your attic or garage. However, if you don’t have these options or your garage is prone to moisture and pests, store them in a locker or small self-storage. You’ll pay a small fee each month, but at least they’ll be mould- and dust-free when you unpack them again.

3. Keep it organised

This step is crucial for keeping your wardrobe tidy and under control! Go to your newly refreshed wardrobe and organise it seasonally. You can do this by separating your wardrobe into two parts: one for warm weather and the other for cold weather. If you’ve got drawers, you can do the same. This will make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, you can put your winter (or summer) clothes in baskets on the floor or a shelf and rotate them with your ‘working wardrobe’. It all depends on the size of your wardrobe and what works best for you.

For those who want even more order, consider separating different clothing items, like singlets and t-shirts. This can be done with existing drawers or drawer dividers. If you don’t have enough space, use stackable baskets or containers. Many come with labels, which can help you organise and find things a lot faster, and they’ll make the inside of your wardrobe look a lot tidier, too.

Pro Tip: Consider removing an item when you buy a new one. If you’re getting a new pair of jeans, donate the old pair to make space. This means your wardrobe won’t get out of control again, and you’ll be doing your bit to reduce waste.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to put up with a messy wardrobe! By following our three-step plan, you can take it from muddled to meticulous in a matter of hours – and keep it that way. But if you’ve got suits, dresses or other clothes you don’t want to part with, consider renting a self-storage unit. It’ll keep your items safely stored away until you’re ready to use them again – or at least until you get a bigger wardrobe! For more tips on household decluttering, check out our blog post How to Declutter.

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