What to Do with Your Belongings When You Travel

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While there may be travel restrictions at the moment, there’s no reason why you can’t plan your next trip. Whether you want to study in the UK, teach English in Japan or embark on an outback adventure, there’s plenty you can do now to prepare, such as planning your itinerary, researching visa requirements and listing must-see attractions.

But another thing you should do – which is often overlooked – is find a solution for your belongings. Do you store them, keep them in your home or sell them online? The answer to this question depends on whether you own or rent and how long you’ll be abroad. Below we show you five ways to manage your possessions while you’re away.

Rent your home fully furnished

If you own a home, consider renting your property fully furnished. This can save you hundreds of dollars in removal and storage costs – and everything will be just where you left it when you return. Just remember to remove any valuables, personal items and clothes. Store these with a trusted family member or keep them in a small self-storage unit.

Keep your home vacant

If you don’t want strangers living in your home or apartment, keep it vacant and ask a trusted neighbour or family member to collect your mail, water your plants and feed your pets. If you’re worried about the house attracting burglars, get a friend to housesit to make it look like someone’s always home.

Store them with a family member or friend

If you don’t own a home, an easy solution is storing your possessions in a family member’s attic, shed or garage. This can save you money – and you’ll know that your belongings are in safe hands. However, keep in mind that garages aren’t always theft-proof or free of moisture or pests, so use covers on your furniture and put small items in sturdy boxes. Lastly, make sure there’s a strong lock or security system in place.

Sell and donate

If you’re planning to go away for a long time, it might be easier to get rid of your belongings (it’ll be far too expensive to take them with you!). Start the process sooner rather than later. Furniture, electricals and appliances can be sold at a garage sale or posted on Gumtree or Facebook marketplaces. Selling can take time, but at least you’ll earn some pocket money and your belongings won’t wind up in a landfill. Anything that doesn’t sell or isn’t valuable can be donated to friends or charity shops. However, if you’ve got sentimental items that are too large to take with you, ask a family member or friend to keep them for you.

Use a self-storage unit

There are times when subletting your home or using a friend’s garage is not an option, in which case a self-storage unit is the answer. If you’ve got a lot to store, use the storage facility’s space calculator to find the right-sized unit for your needs or book an in-home free appraisal if you’re short on time. Self-storage units offer many advantages that other storage options don’t, like high-level security, 24-hour access, climate control, flexible rental options and mail collection. You can even get moving credit or one month free when you store for at least six months.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to study in Adelaide or work in Dubai, finding a place for your It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to study in Adelaide or work in Dubai, finding a place for your belongings should be an important part of your travel plan. Months before you leave, make arrangements with a trusted family member, rent your home furnished or sell your belongings online.

However, if you’ll be away for at least six months and you’re not ready to part with your household possessions, a better solution would be a self-storage unit. Your valuables will remain safe, clean and free of moisture – and you won’t be limited by the space restrictions of Aunt Ethel’s garage! When you’re ready to take your next trip, contact our friendly team to discuss your travel storage needs or get a free quote today.

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