Packing Your Bag For Travel

Packing Your Bag For Travel

Everyone brings their own flair to packing their bag before leaving on the jet plane to travel around the world. what do you bring with you when you travel?

What does this say about who you are?

At Storage Plus we love nothing more than to help guide our customers to make the most of their holidays, with Christmas just around the corner chances are you are packing ready to take a long rewarded break. Here are our travel packing tips:

Bag choice

Backpack: You are practical and don’t take much to satisfy, you are travelling on a budget. Adventure and long nights on buses await you and you don’t have time to pull a bag around. Your back may suffer but honestly you are too excited to even think about that.

Roller bag: You care not for what others think as long as you are comfortable and sweat free. While your image may suffer a little, your back will not. Others may judge you as you roll your wheelie bag down the street however as long as there are handicapped access ramps you will not care. Stairs and cobble-stone streets will soon become your worst enemies.

Designer brand bag: You are precious and your luggage reflects this. You want to turn heads at all times, even after a 17 hour flight as exhausted passengers drag their bags off the carousel.

Packing method

Folding: You like everything just so. You life is organised and your travel plans are no different. There is no time to waste; your travels will stick to a strict schedule. You will probably be at the airport 4 or 5 hours early for your flight. You might already be there now.

Rolling: No one thinks of this on their own so you either have well travelled friends or you have looked up “the most efficient way to pack a bag”.  Either way you are well versed in exploration and maximising space in your luggage and life. You are street smart and know where and when the best times are to be had.

Stuffing: You are too excited to even consider folding your clothes. You travel by the seat of your pants, who know where you will be going next? Wherever that is, it will end up covered in your clothes as you hunt for that ever illusive item that inevitably finds itself at the bottom of your bag.


Amount of clothes

Minimalist: One of each item of clothing. You pack light as you plan on flitting from destination to destination, leaving room for local fashion and goods. You are a practiced traveller and understand how to get the most out of any situation. Forwards, inside-out-fowards, backwards, inside-out-backwards. Hygiene is not high on your list of priorities.

Two pants, two shorts, two shoes, four shirts, multiple underwear: You are a well balanced human being.

Four times the airline baggage allowance: Likely presented to the shocked check-in counter lady in a brown and yellow Louis Vuitton matching bag set. You need to be prepared for any situation in the least organised way possible. You are awful at making decision and probably have a fear of commitment. You don’t know if you’ll need your prom dress you haven’t worn since you were 18 but what you do know is you want to keep your options open.

Airplane dress code

Dress down: Comfort is key in your life. The track pants you will be wearing are guaranteed to have absolutely no elasticity left in them.  The holes in your shirt are in no way indicative of holes in your knowledge. You know that 8 hours into your flight, the guy across from you in the slim-fit, button down shirt will be glaring at you snoozing comfortably in the corner.

Dress up: Just because you are forced to fly with the plebs does not mean you have to dress like one. After checking in your Louis Vuitton baggage set at a 4 figure price, you want to make sure people know you will be travelling first class.

Undressed: You are a die-hard nudist and travelling anywhere will be difficult for you. Freedom of expression is of the utmost importance to you. Let’s hope you are journeying to a tropical destination as you will not have a good time in Alaska.

So what sort of traveller are you?

The world is your oyster – go out, explore, meet people but before you befriend them ruthlessly judge them on their appearance.

Feel free to use this blog as a guide
– with love your friendly Storage Plus team.

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