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Simplify your business operations.

If you receive regular deliveries of containers and need a storage solution for them, Storage Plus is here to help.

Storage Plus has more than 1,000 square meters dedicated to container storage. We can provide full end-to-end container service for businesses in Sydney and Melbourne. Our Sydney container yard holds up to 12 x 20ft containers or 6 x 40ft containers at any time.

We have two types of container storage services at Storage Plus:

  1. Accepting delivery and unloading to your storage unit
  2. Accepting delivery and self-service unloading

Accepting deliveries and unloading

The Storage Plus team will accept container deliveries on your behalf. For palletised deliveries, we’ll unload the container with our forklifts and take the items directly to your storage unit (if you grant us access). Or alternatively, temporarily store your goods in our incoming bay.

If the container is not palletised, we can provide you with pallets free of charge or a cage so you can easily transport goods from the container to your warehouse space.

How much for this service? Absolutely nothing!

We do not charge any additional fees as its all included in our warehouse storage agreement.

We have experienced staff who you can rely on to take care of deliveries so you can continue to keep your business running smoothly.

Will you accept deliveries on my behalf without the storage?

Yes! Use our Storage Plus locations as a space to unload or load your container.

Simply let us know when your container will be arriving and what size it is. You will be contacted upon arrival and you will have access to unload (or load) your goods. Containers can be accepted at our facilities for unloading and loading at a daily or weekly rate.

Speak to our customer service team about our daily and weekly rates.

Unload your container in just 5 easy steps

container storage Let Storage Plus know when your container is arriving

container storage Container arrives and we contact you

container storage Goods unloaded by our forklift drivers or you

container storage Goods placed in your warehouse space or loaded directly onto a truck.

container storage Container picked up

Ask about our warehousing rates now.

Looking for Container storage space at an affordable rate?

To discuss your storage needs, call the friendly team at Storage Plus today on 02 8345 6000 for Sydney or 03 9421 6900 for Melbourne.
Or enquire online for a free quote.

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