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If you’ve just rented a self-storage unit and you’re planning to use old boxes and plastic bags to pack your belongings, you might want to reconsider. These materials can tear, attract moisture and provide little support for delicate items. To help your belongings remain in optimal condition, you need high-quality packing materials. These can keep out dust, prevent unnecessary damage and make your stuff easier to find. Here are our top packing supplies to protect and organise belongings in your self-storage unit.

Strong boxes

Like many people, you may be tempted to use supermarket boxes in your storage unit. While they’re free and easy to find, they won’t go the distance. Instead, invest in high-quality moving or archive boxes. They’re uniform in size and designed to hold the weight of your belongings. They’re also easy to stack and your unit will look tidier, too. For extra protection, you can even get specialty boxes for items like TVs, picture frames or glass sets.

Bubble wrap

Packing wouldn’t be complete without a roll of bubble wrap. It’s perfect for breakables like cups, glasses, plates and figurines. If you can, wrap them twice for added protection and cushion them with softer items, like table cloths or pillows. Don’t be tempted to use newspaper or fabric. They’re not as effective as bubble wrap (newspaper can leave ink stains), and you’ll be devastated when you find your art deco mirror in pieces.

Permanent markers

If you want to find your items quickly and easily, you need to label your boxes. Use a permanent marker and write the contents in large, neat letters on all sides. For example, ‘crockery’, ‘baby clothes’ or ‘garden tools’. For a more detailed contents list, include all the items contained in each box. If you have shelves, label these as well so you can keep similar items together.

Tape gun and packing tape

Taping your boxes will keep out dust and stop contents from falling out during removal. We recommend a tape gun because it’s easy to use and gets the job done faster. Keep it in your unit so you can seal your boxes after you’ve opened them. Also, consider buying fragile packing tape if you’ve got breakables. You can store them in a different part of your unit – and removalists will be extra careful when handling them.

Furniture covers

Just because you’ve packed your boxes correctly, doesn’t mean you should overlook your furniture or large appliances. Household furniture – particularly if it’s made of wood – can be vulnerable to temperature fluctuations that cause warping and instability. Even lounges or soft furnishings can absorb moisture and dust, leading to mould and allergies. To counteract this, buy custom furniture covers that will keep your items clean and protected. Alternatively, use a drop sheet or tarp and secure it underneath. This will prevent scratches and stop any moisture from seeping through.

For packing supplies for your storage unit, visit our onsite or online Box Shop. We offer a wide range of materials including seat covers, combination locks, moving boxes, and so much more!