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The way you store your goods will determine how much space you need and how well your goods survive in storage over time.


The type of boxes you use is important. You should use sturdy moving boxes rather than old fruit boxes from the supermarket. They should ideally all be the same size, which will allow for maximum space utilisation. And they should all be clearly marked with their contents and sealed with packing tape. Choose smaller boxes wherever possible, as these tend to be stronger and they are also easier to lift and stack. No box should be heavier than 16kg and the heaviest boxes should be at the bottom of any stack.


Be sure to fill every available space. This includes inside every box (if nothing else will fit, fill with butchers paper to keep the other items more secure), and in every piece of furniture, such as wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, fridges and washers, which can all have items stored in them. Packing should be placed in the top and bottom of every carton for added protection and butchers paper should be used in preference to newspaper, which can leave ink stains on your belongings.


How you stack your goods will determine how much you will be able to fit in your storage unit. You should always stack the heaviest items that will not be needed at the bottom and back of your unit. Try to leave a gap between your goods and the unit’s walls to allow for better ventilation. Ideally, stack furniture such as lounge suites on their ends to save space. Don’t forget to utilise overhead space too. Lighter and more bulky items can be placed on top after everything else has been stacked.


You may from time to time require access to some of the items in your storage unit. Therefore, it’s important to identify what these might be before storing them and to make sure they are placed near the door where they can be accessed easily without having to empty the entire contents of the storage unit to get at them. Boxes should also be marked on every side, so that you can see what they contain even when they are in a stack.


The best way to reduce your storage costs is to go through your goods prior to storing them and throw out or sell anything you don’t think you will need again. The less you have, the less you will have to pack and move and the more space you will have in your storage unit.

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