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7 Ways to Maximise Space in Your Storage Unit

Is your storage unit getting a bit messy? Are you having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Whether you’ve just booked a unit or you’ve had one for years, it’s important to keep it organised so you don’t waste time looking for things you can’t find! You’d be surprised how much you can fit in your unit if you implement a few simple strategies. Here are six ways you can regain control and get more out of your space.  

1. Use boxes that are the same size

Depending on what you’re storing, use boxes that are small and uniform in size. This will make them easy to stack and lift – and they’ll look good too. If you’ve got boxes of different sizes, keep the same sizes together so you don’t have uneven weight distribution. If you don’t have any boxes yet or your belongings are still in bags, your facility’s box shop will have a range of packing materials to cover your needs.

2. Keep frequently used items at the front

This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people fail to do this. If there are boxes you check frequently, keep them at the front of the unit. This means you won’t have to spend hours moving boxes and putting them back again.

3. Use the sides

It may be tempting to dump your boxes or furniture into the unit and lock the door, but resist the urge! To improve access, stack your boxes against the walls (leaving some breathing space behind them). Remember, your heaviest boxes should be at the bottom for stability. But don’t stack them too high, and keep the passage clear. If you’ve got a big unit, you could create an additional row in the centre and have two aisles. Just don’t ‘box’ yourself in!

4. Put labels on all sides of the boxes

It may seem like a lot of work, but putting labels on all sides of the box will save you time in the long run. It doesn’t matter if you use a permanent marker or a printed label, as long as the contents are clearly marked and easy to read. Camping gear. Christmas decorations. Docket rolls. Be as specific as possible. If you only mark one side, it may face away from you and you won’t know what’s inside!

5. Create sections

If you’ve got a lot of boxes in your unit, divide them into sections. It could be as simple as ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘bedroom’. This means that you can access your belongings quickly without disrupting other sections. If you’re a retailer, divisions can be useful so you can quickly see which products need to be replenished. For instance, you might be running low on cloth bags or stationery.

6. Keep an itemised list of contents

It’s never too late to create an inventory of items in your storage unit. Keep a copy in your unit just in case you forget to bring it. If the contents change regularly, update the list so you’re not looking for something that’s no longer there. You could even create columns in your spreadsheet where you tick off an item that’s been taken and then returned.

7. If sharing, use different labelling colours

If a storage unit is being shared by family members or friends, use different colours to distinguish between your boxes. You might have two boxes labelled ‘Photo albums’ – but who do they belong to? Coloured labelling will prevent confusion and make finding your stuff a whole lot faster.

Getting the most out of your storage unit is easier than you think. As long as you follow some simple rules, like stacking against the wall, marking boxes clearly and keeping itemised lists, you should be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. But if you still don’t have enough space, it might be time for an upgrade. Check out our space visualiser to find the right unit for your changing needs, or contact our friendly team for advice or further information.