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There are a number of simple ways you can save money and time on your move to storage.

Ways to save money include:

  • Collecting the boxes that you will need well ahead of time. You can ask local retailers for their old or unused boxes or, if you’d prefer to use sturdy and uniformly sized packing boxes, consider buying them second-hand from someone who has moved recently and is looking to get rid of them cheaply.
  • Using free packaging items such as old newspapers, junk mail, clean rags and items of clothing that you will not be needing for a while. If you have time, you can also collect foam peanuts and bubble wrap from various sources. Bear in mind that newspapers have a tendency to bleed ink if they get hot, so only wrap items in them that don’t matter or can be easily cleaned.
  • Rather than using a removalist to move your goods into storage, consider hiring a small truck and doing it yourself. A sturdy trolley, some rope, a couple of mates and a bit of elbow grease can usually get the job done in just a few hours.
  • If using a removalist is unavoidable, do as much as you can to help as this will reduce the cost. Removalists charge by the hour, so if the legs are already removed from the table and the boxes are already packed and stacked, there is less for them to do and less for them to charge you for.

Ways to save time include:

  • Packing ahead over a period of several weeks. This is great if you know when you are moving, as a spare room can be set aside specifically for packed boxes, which can be filled with all the things you are not going to need right away.
  • Loading the truck in the order that you want your goods to be loaded into the storage unit (i.e. putting those items you are going to need access to onto the truck first, so that they come off the truck and into the storage unit last).
  • Clearing the decks. They say you should never work with children or animals and that applies when you’re moving as well. Have a friend or neighbour mind your two and four legged family members and with no distractions and nothing underfoot, you will get your move to storage done much faster and probably with less accidents and breakages as well.

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