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You might be thinking of motorcycle storage ideas for your Kawasaki motorcycle when you’re not using it. Good thing there are many great ways to store your motorcycle. But, of course, it also depends on the amount of protection your motorcycle needs, your budget, and your location. Continue reading to know some motorcycle storage options.


Motorcycle shed

A motorcycle shed allows you to keep your motorcycle near your house, next to your garage, or in your backyard. You can do this by purchasing a motorcycle DIY shed online. Another good thing about this is that there are many motorcycles storage designs available.

Motorcycle storage shed also protects your bike against different elements. If needed, you can also move this easily.

But these are pricier. You might also be required to get approval for it. Maintenance is also needed to make sure that debris, snow, and rain don’t come into contact with your bike. You must remember to invest in a good lock for security and make sure that your bike can fit in there.

Enclosed motorcycle trailer

Keeping your bike inside a motorcycle trailer in your driveway is a good choice since you can have more space in your garage or yard. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about different weather conditions since a trailer will help in keeping your motorcycle protected. You can also readily use your motorcycle anytime. Storage is easier if your trailer has a ramp.

However, like motorcycle sheds, this bike storage option is expensive. Maintenance is also costly. Also, there can be restrictions in your area about keeping a trailer in your driveway.

There’s also a risk of theft. That’s why you must purchase a good tow lock and strong padlock. Before using a trailer, you must make sure to top off fluids especially if you don’t plan to use your bike for a long time. You also must take out the battery and connect it to a trickle charger.

Home garage

Home motorcycle garages are one of the most convenient options. When you store your motorcycle here, you protect it from different weather elements. It can be used as a motorcycle winter storage to keep it warm. You can also ride it easily when the weathers nice. You can also save money because there are no extra expenses. This is also the preferred storage by vehicle insurance companies since it’s secure.

The drawback is it consumes space, so you’ll have limited space in your garage to keep your vehicles. Also, dust, pests, and other damage can occur. When you store it, you must remember to take out the battery and attach it to a trickle charger. It’s also best to put a fuel stabilizer to avoid gradual fuel deterioration. You can place a motorcycle cover for pest and dust protection.

Motorcycle storage units at a storage facility

If it’s not possible to keep your motorcycle at home, you can keep it at a self-storage facility. This is one of the best options for your motorcycle if you live in an area that has winter. Storage facilities also have great security features such as an electronic gate pass and video surveillance. You also won’t have a hard time locating a motorcycle storage facility. Some also have climate control features.

There is a problem if the facility has no climate control because you must remove electronic parts to protect it from frigid weather. Also, this is pricier compared to outdoor motorbike sheds.

If you’re storing your bike for a long time, you can top it off with any fluid such as antifreeze. Your motorcycle should also be registered and insured before storing it here. Inflating the tires completely and raising the bike from the ground are recommended so that there’ll be no flat areas.


Home driveway

If you don’t want to use your garage and you’re allowed to keep vehicles outside, using your driveway is a good outdoor storage option. That’s because it’s simple, and there are no additional costs. If there isn’t enough space on your driveway, you can put in a driveway extension.

The benefits of storing your motorcycle on your driveway are accessibility, security, and convenience. You can easily check your motorcycle and do maintenance. But this puts your motorcycle at risk of pest, theft, and weather element exposure. This might not be possible if you have a single-car driveway since there’s limited space.

It’s recommended to purchase a weather-resistant cover for it for outdoor protection. You can also buy a wheel lock if you plan not to use your motorcycle for a long time and leave it outdoors.

Outdoor motorcycle storage sheds at a storage facility

This is another good choice if you want a storage option for various types of motorcycles. Though it’s not as good as self-storage or home storage, this is affordable and convenient to pick up and drop off your bike.

It’s possible to find outdoor storage sheds with a cover for external element protection. Storage facilities come with great security features. You also won’t have a hard time locating them. But they’re better recommended if you live somewhere with nice weather, or you’ll store your motorcycle for a short time.

Collapsible motorcycle shelter

Collapsible motorcycle shelters are great if a self-storage option won’t work. These are great because you can easily access your motorcycle and use it whenever needed. This storage option is available in many sizes, so it can work with any type of motorcycle. It’s also more secure compared to leaving your motorcycle in the driveway.

But you must keep in mind that pests and different weather conditions could cause damage to it. If you consider using this, you must make sure there’s ample space and put extra security features such as disc locks on the breaks.


Finally, you know some indoor and outdoor motorbike storage ideas. What you need to consider when choosing the right motorcycle storage option is your location, the type of motorcycle you have, and your personal preference.