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As housing prices increase, thousands of people are renovating their homes to add value and make space for growing families. But we all know, renovations can be disruptive, messy and time-consuming, and one of the greatest challenges is finding a clean and secure place to store your furniture and appliances.

Like many people, you might consider your garage or shed, but this option can succumb to leaks, mould and pests, which can damage your furniture and result in costly replacements. But there is a solution that provides a clean, safe and pest-free alternative for your belongings – self-storage. Below you’ll find four reasons why self-storage should be your go-to during a home renovation.

Prevents damage

During a renovation, you’re going to have workers walking in and out of your house with large equipment like ladders, electric saws and cement mixers. These can accidentally gouge or stain your furniture, even if you’ve covered it. Instead of risking damage, store these items in a self-storage unit nearby. You’ll avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements, and tradies will have more space to do their work.

Prevents theft

If you’ve got contractors undertaking work in your absence, there may be times when your home is open or unattended. This means that thieves can enter your house and take furniture, kitchen appliances, TVs and printers. To avoid this, pack all your belongings and furniture and have them delivered to a storage unit. While it may cost you a monthly fee, it’s far less expensive than replacing your electricals and appliances!

Saves time

When you’re renovating, you may be tempted to move your furniture to another part of the house. This is fine if you’re only renovating one room. But if you’re planning to renovate the entire house, moving furniture from room to room can be unnecessarily time-consuming. Also, it can take its toll on your back and result in injury, delaying you even further. Instead, save time and effort by taking your furniture to a storage unit. It’ll free up space and give you time to finish the job faster. If you’re worried about the expense, you may be able to get a rebate from your storage provider. At StoragePlus, we give new customers moving credit up to the value of $100 if they hire a truck or trailer to move their belongings.

Avoids injury

During a renovation, furniture and boxes are often stacked precariously against walls. While this may seem like a great space-saving solution, items can shift or topple due to vibrations caused by earth drills or demolitions. This means that a heavy box or table could suddenly fall – possibly injuring a tradie or a family member. To avoid this, store your items in a self-storage unit where they won’t pose a risk to anyone!

Helps you store excess items

Renovations can leave you with excess furniture. For example, if you’ve had built-in wardrobes installed or extra cabinets added to your kitchen, you may no longer need your tallboys or kitchen hutch. That doesn’t mean they’re ready for the scrap heap. You may want to donate them to a friend or charity or sell them online. As a result, you’ll need a safe place to store them. That’s where self-storage comes in. You can use it for as long or as little as you like, and your outdated furniture won’t take up space or ruin the aesthetic of your newly renovated house.

Final thoughts

Keeping furniture and household items clean and secure during a home renovation is more important than you think. Not only does it prevent damage, injury and theft, but it can make a renovation run a lot more smoothly. At StoragePlus, we have a range of storage units that can fit your entire household, from a one-bedroom apartment to a four-bedroom house. Alternatively, you could go with a small unit that will fit the contents of each room as you renovate it. If you have questions about the best storage solution for your home renovation, contact our friendly team.