How to Prepare your Home for a New Baby

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Having a baby can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are so many things you need to do in preparation, like buying baby clothes, getting regular health checks and finding a good obstetrician. But one of the most important steps is getting your home ready for the baby. In this article, we share our top tips for preparing your home and making it a safe, fun and comfortable place for you and your baby.

Prepare the nursery

The first step is to prepare a nursery for your new arrival. Choose a room or alcove that’s big enough for a crib, small wardrobe, changing table and comfortable armchair. If you know the sex of your baby, decorate it accordingly. You could even include a sofa bed if you want to sleep with your baby when they’re sick or restless. If you can, avoid setting up the nursery in your bedroom. Not only does it create unnecessary clutter and disrupt your sleep, but it can also make it hard for your baby to transition to a separate room further down the track.

Make your home safe

Before your pride-and-joy arrives, it’s important to baby-proof your home. Cover sharp edges, power outlets and wiring that may pose a hazard to tiny fingers. Keep knife sets, scissors or heavy objects in closed drawers, and install a safety gate to prevent your toddler from going into the kitchen or bathroom. Also, make sure your fire alarms, gas heaters and water heaters are checked regularly.

Make space in your kitchen

Babies require a lot of feeding, which means you’ll need space in your kitchen for formula, milk bottles, breast pumps, feeding bowls and bibs. You’ll also need extra milk bottles, which can easily break or get lost, and formula, which can run out at short notice. Find a large cabinet that’s elevated and easy to access. This will allow you to hold your baby and still find the items you need.

Find storage for nappies and wipes

You’re going to be changing a lot of nappies in the first few months of your baby’s life. As a result, you’ll need bulk supplies of cloth or disposable nappies, wipes, nappy bags, change mats and rash creams. If you don’t have enough space in your nursery, find room in your linen closet or wardrobe. While you may have to relocate some belongings, at least you’ll have supplies within reach when you need them.

Provide room for overnight visitors

We know how stressful it can be to care for a new-born baby, particularly if they’re a crier or suffer from colic. That’s why it’s helpful to have an overnight bed where a trusted family member, like your mum or sister, can sleep and assist you with caring duties. Prepare a guest room or set up a trundle bed in the nursery. You might have to relocate your furniture or belongings to a secure self-storage unit for a few months, but at least you’ll get a good night’s sleep!

Create a play space

As your baby starts crawling and exploring, you’ll need to create safe play areas in your house. Install a playpen in the living room with their favourite blankets and toys. This will allow them to start supporting their weight and land softly if they fall – and you can keep an eye on them while you watch television or chat with friends. Again, you might have to put some furniture into storage to make space for them, particularly if you want to create play areas in other rooms. But don’t worry, it won’t be for long. Once they’ve outgrown their playpens, your biggest problem will be keeping up with those fast little legs!

Final thoughts

Having a baby comes with many challenges, but preparing for their arrival shouldn’t be one of them. Buying a crib and changing table are just the beginning. You’ll also need to find storage for food and nappies, eliminate potential dangers in your home, prepare a room for overnight guests and make space for a playpen or two. These simple strategies will keep your baby comfortable and safe – and make parenting a whole lot easier.

If you’re thinking of converting a cluttered spare room into a nursery or relocating unsafe items, give us a call and we can help you find the right self-storage solution for your needs. 

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