How to Protect Your Goods

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When storing your goods, it’s important to protect them, both during the move and also once they are in storage. Here are our expert tips for keeping your goods in top shape.

  • icon-glassesFragile itemsFragile items should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap or butchers paper to protect them from other items. Items such as plates, saucers and bowls should be wrapped individually and packed on their sides, rather than inside each other. Boxes containing fragile items should be clearly marked ‘Fragile’ and should always be stored at the top of any stack.
  • icon-filesBooksWhile books can seem like easy things to pack, putting them in boxes with other items can lead to them becoming damaged. Books should always be packed flat to protect their spines and in small boxes to protect your back.
  • icon-hangerClothesIf you are storing clothes, clean and iron them before you pack them and place mothballs or something similar in with them to protect them from bugs. Clothes can either be folded and packed in boxes, or hung in port-a-robes to prevent creasing.
  • icon-paddingPaddingAs well as wrapping items individually to protect them in their boxes, the boxes themselves can benefit from some padding between them, both in transit and once in storage. Blankets, cardboard and towels can all help prevent rubbing and compression damage over time.
  • icon-couchPlastic coversSoft furnishings like lounge suites and mattresses should be placed in plastic covers to protect them, not only from dust once they are in storage, but also from the elements on moving day.
  • icon-washing-machineWhitegoodsYour washing machine will need protection while being moved. This will involve draining the hoses and securing the drum and placing plastic bags over the ends of the hoses to prevent leakage. Your refrigerator will also need to be defrosted, dried and stored with the door slightly ajar and with a deodoriser inside to maintain freshness. Protect your refrigerator by always moving it in an upright position, as laying it on its side can damage the workings.
  • icon-suitcasePaintings and mirrorsMirrors and paintings should never be laid flat. Although this may offer them some protection, the jarring movement of the vehicle could damage them in transit and other items could be unwittingly laid on top of them in storage. They should instead be wrapped in a blanket or preferably a purpose-built picture carton and stood on their ends against the wall.
  • icon-editLabel everythingOne other way to protect your goods is to clearly mark each carton with its contents. This will not only make things easier to find when you are unpacking, but it will also help to prevent fragile items from being stored incorrectly.

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