What’s the Cost of a Self-Storage Unit?

Let’s face it, most people dismiss self-storage as an unnecessary expense. Why pay money when you can use a shed, garage or attic for free? What they don’t realise is that these storage solutions are vulnerable to theft, water damage, mould and pests. As a result, you could lose valuable furniture and appliances, not to mention irreplaceable family heirlooms.

By comparison, self-storage units are safe, clean and secure, and they could save you thousands in costly replacements. But the question remains: how much do they cost? To help you understand the costs of self-storage, we look at five factors that affect the price of your unit – and how you can save money along the way. Then, we show you how much units cost at StoragePlus and why they might be a cost-effective solution for your needs!


As you might expect, storage facilities close to city centres tend to be more expensive. That’s because inner-city rents are higher and there’s more demand for their services. Depending on what you’re storing, try to find a facility within 30 minutes of your home. This can save you time and petrol costs – and offset the higher fees if you live close to the CBD. If you don’t need regular access, consider a unit further from the city. It’ll take longer to get to, but you could save hundreds in rental fees.


The larger the unit, the more you’ll pay – it’s that simple. But how do you know which size is right for your needs? To find out, use your storage facility’s space calculator. Tick off the items you plan to store and the calculator will give you a recommended size. This is a great way to get value for money and avoid paying for space you don’t need!  


The location of the unit within the complex can also affect your price. Ground-floor units with car access are usually more expensive. On the other hand, an indoor unit on the first floor will cost less. Consider the convenience of access and whether you’re prepared to pay for it.   


Storage facilities charge every month, so the longer you store your items, the more you pay. However, a lot of companies offer fixed-price guarantees or discounts for long-term storage. If you’re planning to use your unit for longer than a year, find out if your storage facility has any long-term storage deals. It’ll turn out to be cheaper than paying month by month.

Other costs

Check your contract for sign-up fees, late payment penalties or unit damage costs. If your home insurance doesn’t cover self-storage, you’ll need self-storage insurance as well. This could cost you $2 or more per month, depending on the value of your items. Finally, be prepared for price increases. Storage facilities may raise their rates in response to inflation or rental increases.

How much will you pay at StoragePlus?

StoragePlus offers some of the most competitive prices in Sydney and Melbourne! Costs range from $69 per month for a locker to $6,243 per month for a full warehouse. A medium-sized unit, suitable for most household needs, can start at $234 per month. To sweeten the deal, we offer the first month free and beat any competitor’s quote by 10% – no questions asked!

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