Why You Need Self-Storage During the Festive Season

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There’s always so much to do over the holiday period – putting up decorations, buying and wrapping presents, planning meals, hosting family dinners. Unfortunately, these activities can make your house noisy, messy and cramped, and your Christmas or New Year can become less than festive!

Luckily, there’s a way to minimise the disruption and enjoy the holidays again – and it all comes down to smart storage. Below we give you six reasons why self-storage can be a lifesaver during the festive season.

Declutter for overnight guests
Spare rooms are often full of junk. This makes it difficult to accommodate parents or children during the holidays. To make more room, put excess furniture and unused belongings in a small self-storage unit. This will allow you to roll out the trundle beds so your guests don’t have to book a hotel or sleep on the couch. It also means you can spend more time with your loved ones – and less time tripping over their bags on the living room floor!

Clear space for entertaining
When you have a large family, it can be difficult to seat everyone at the same table or even in the same room. To keep everyone together, consider removing sideboards, desks or shelves that aren’t being used. Drop them off at a self-storage unit until the party is over. You’ll gain heaps of space – and Aunt Doris won’t have to sit at the children’s table again!

Keep presents away from children
We know how difficult it is to hide presents from children, particularly if they’re large. So where do you put that dollhouse or bike without getting found out? A storage locker! It’s small, inexpensive and easy to access, and you won’t spoil the surprise by having a bike-shaped present sitting in the garage.

Store decorations
Christmas decorations take up a lot of space. You might have two trees, boxes of decorations, fairy lights and reindeer cut-outs for the lawn. But what do you do with them after you’re done? If your storage spaces are small or humid, consider long-term self-storage. Your decorations will remain free of dust or moisture – and a long way from prying fingers that might accidentally break them.

Store seasonal furniture
You can never have enough tables and chairs when guests come over. But don’t keep them stacked in a dusty garage or on an exposed verandah. Put them in a self-storage unit so they can stay clean and out of the way.

Keep valuables safe
Accidents happen at parties. It can be heartbreaking when someone breaks an heirloom vase or spills a drink on your favourite rug. To prevent this from happening, remove any treasured items that might be damaged, stolen and lost by children or unruly guests. Put them into short-term storage until the holidays are over.

Need an affordable and secure storage solution?

There’s no doubt that the holiday season can be hectic. But you can minimise the stress by using smart self-storage both before, during and after the event. It can declutter spare rooms, increase entertaining spaces and protect your valuables from damage. If you’re thinking of storing furniture, decorations or presents over the holiday period, contact our friendly team for a quick chat or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

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