The 6 Don’ts of Self-Storage

If you’re renting a self-storage unit, you probably know all about the do’s of self-storage, like packing correctly, keeping your unit organised and using a secure lock. But you might not know about the don’ts. In this article, we reveal the six self-storage rules you should never break. Not only will they prevent you from violating your contract, but you’ll also avoid damage or injury while using the storage facility


1. Don’t store prohibited items

You can store almost anything in a self-storage unit, but some items pose a safety or hygiene risk – both to you and your storage company. When you sign your contract, check the list of items that are not allowed in your unit. Prohibited items usually include animals, food, plants, flammable or toxic materials and ammunition. You’ll incur penalties if you try to store them, so find alternative solutions for their care. 

2. Don’t let others use your unit

There’s nothing worse than opening your unit only to find that something is gone. To ensure that your belongings remain safe, don’t give your key or code to anyone. If you decide to share your unit with a family member or friend, make sure they’re trustworthy.

3. Don’t forget to lock the unit

While storage facilities have 24-hour security and CCTV, your storage unit should always remain locked. Choose a high-quality lock that’s hard to tamper with or cut. And don’t forget to lock the unit when you’re done. You’d be surprised how many people forget to do this!

4. Don’t climb on boxes

Belongings can accumulate quickly in a storage unit. This can lead to towering boxes that are hard to reach. When this happens, avoid climbing on your furniture or boxes to get to them. Not only will you damage stored items, but you can injure yourself in the process. Keep your piles accessible or use a ladder for anything that’s out of reach.

5. Don’t leave your belongings unprotected

If you went to the trouble of packing and organising your boxes, don’t slack off once they’re in the unit. If you open a box and take things out, put them back in when you’re done. When it comes to furniture, use lounge and chair covers so they don’t gather dirt or succumb to temperature fluctuations. By keeping your belongings tidy and protected, they’ll be clean, intact and easy to find next time.

6. Don’t keep valuables in self-storage

Possessions like jewellery, money and birth certificates shouldn’t be kept in a self-storage unit. While storage facilities are monitored and patrolled, these items can fall prey to theft or damage, particularly when you’re transporting them to or from the unit. Keep them at home in a fire-proof vault or deposit them in a bank safe.

If you follow these simple self-storage rules, your belongings will remain safe and secure – and you’ll guarantee the safety of other people’s belongings too. If you have any questions about what you can and can’t put in your unit, contact our friendly team at Storage Plus and we’d be more than happy to help!

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