10 Businesses You Can Run Out of a Storage Unit

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Whether you’re running an e-commerce or selling collectibles online, finding enough space for your products can be a challenge. Retail spaces are expensive and not everyone has access to a garage. But there is an easy solution – self-storage. You get flexible terms and affordable rates, as well as business facilities that can streamline your operations and boost your bottom line. Read on to find out which ten businesses can be run successfully out of a self-storage unit.

1. Vintage wares

If you’re a reseller of vintage furniture and old wares, it can be difficult to find enough space to store your items. Not everything will fit in your shop or house – or remain safe and mould-free! That’s where a self-storage unit comes in. Not only will you have ample space and high-level security, but you can also get a climate-controlled unit that keeps wooden furniture, maps or artworks in optimal condition. What’s more, it’s a safe and convenient place for customers to browse your products! 

2. E-commerce

When you’re running an e-commerce from home, it’s easy to run out of space or spend most of your time receiving stock, preparing dispatches and making trips to the post office. Enterprise self-storage, however, allows you to keep all your products and packaging in your unit and prepare your orders from there. In addition, a logistics team can send and receive goods for you, freeing you up for more important jobs. And the best part? You have access to complimentary meeting rooms and kitchen facilities, so you no longer have to meet clients in your living room!

3. Arts and crafts

If you’re an artist or maker and don’t have the budget for a studio, a self-storage unit is the next best thing. It provides a clean, secure and affordable space for you to set up your desk, exhibit your creations and meet customers. It’s also a great place to store materials such as easels, paints, sewing machines and looms – which can easily clutter up your home.

4. Sports clubs

If you run a soccer club or tennis academy, a self-storage unit gives you space without the restrictions you often get with community centres. You can store rackets, nets or poles, and even take bookings and enquiries from your unit. What’s more, many self-storage facilities have meeting rooms – complete with communal kitchen facilities – that can be used for sign-ups or information sessions.

5. Photography and video production

When you’re a photographer or video producer, having a studio is essential. But if you can’t afford it or you’re just starting out, a self-storage unit is a handy and affordable alternative. You can set up lights, cameras, screens and editing equipment, and provide a safe and convenient space to meet clients. Plus, storage facilities are open 24hrs a day, so can work at all hours without disturbing family members or flatmates!

 6. Accounting

Most freelance accountants work from home, but if you’re looking for external office space and a secure place to keep your clients’ files, a self-storage unit might be the answer. It’s cheaper than a commercial office space, but you still get high-level security, electricity to power your laptop, receipt and dispatch services, and meeting room facilities. 

7. Trades

Not all tradies have space to store their equipment and supplies. While garages and vans may seem like a good solution, they can fall prey to temperature fluctuations and theft, or pose a risk to curious children. A better option is to store your tools in a self-storage facility. You can keep them in a secure, climate-controlled unit that can be accessed at any time – and there’ll be no risk of damage from a leaking roof or a child cutting themselves on a saw.

8. eBay and Etsy Sellers

Whether it’s a book or a sofa, we’ve all sold something on eBay or Etsy. But if you’re a regular seller, you’ll need a dedicated space to keep stock from getting damaged, lost or stolen. A self-storage unit can help you declutter your home or garage, provide access to the facility’s dispatch services and even provide a safe showroom for buyers to browse your products.

9. Property stylists

Instead of spending thousands on a warehouse or retail space, consider running your property styling business from a self-storage unit. Not only will you be able to keep your furniture and props in a safe and clean environment (and scale up or down as necessary), but you’ll also be able to set up a casual working space and meet clients in the meeting rooms. Make sure you get an outdoor unit to speed up delivery and dispatch.

10. Independent publisher

Are you a small book publisher or distributor? If you can’t afford an office or warehouse, a self-storage unit will provide all the perks of a commercial space without the price tag. Your books will remain secure and free of dust and moisture, and you’ll be able to use the facility’s logistics team to facilitate receipt and dispatch. You can also get complimentary forklift services and access to business centre facilities, such as meeting rooms and communal kitchens.


It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or you’ve been running one for a while, a self-storage unit can be more than just a place to store your products. It can be an office and a showroom, complete with meeting rooms, lifting equipment and a logistics team that would cost you thousands elsewhere. If you’re ready to boost your profits by running your business from one of our self-storage units, contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

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