8 Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage Units

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Did you know that self-storage units are increasing in popularity? This is because they provide a fast, easy and affordable way to store your belongings. Unlike a garage or attic, self-storage facilities are secure, pest-free and easily accessible – and even provide additional services if you’re running a business. But self-storage isn’t just for unused furniture or excess stock. Read on to discover the top eight reasons people turn to self-storage.


Thanks to Marie Kondo, minimalism has made a comeback, which is why people are decluttering their homes. But not everything can be thrown away or donated. Some items could come in handy in the future, such as a trailer, outdoor dining furniture or foldable beds. But instead of putting them in the garage and creating more clutter, people are using self-storage units. This allows them to keep bulky items without sacrificing space in their home.


If you’re planning to work or travel for an extended period of time, you may need to pack up your belongings and take them with you. However, if this isn’t practical, your next option is to store them in a self-storage unit. It’s cheaper than lugging them to a new location – and you don’t have to worry about them fitting in your new home. What’s more, if you’re renting your property while you’re away, the money you earn will cover the storage fees. Just make sure you follow our tips for preparing your belongings for long-term storage. You don’t want to come back to a dusty mattress or mouldy fridge!

Moving House

Buying or selling a home can be stressful. One of the biggest issues is finding a place to put your stuff when you’ve got a long settlement – or if settlement is delayed. This means it could be months before you move in. That’s why self-storage comes in handy. It allows you to safely store your furniture while you wait for the settlement to come through. On the other hand, if you’re staging your home for sale, you can use self-storage for some or all your original furniture during the campaign. You’ll pay a month or two of fees, but it’ll be worth it when you get top dollar for your home!

Merging two households

When couples or families move in together, they’re usually bringing two of everything – two fridges, two wardrobes, etc. A common solution is to sell the excess or donate it to friends. But if you’re not sure or you want to keep them as backups, you can always rent a self-storage unit. If the relationship or sharing arrangement doesn’t work out, all the furniture you need will be right there in your storage unit!

Going to University

Some students use university accommodation because they can’t commute from remote or rural locations. Others use it because it’s safe and convenient. Either way, university dorm rooms all have the same problem – limited space. You get a bed, desk and wardrobe, and very little space for anything else. That’s why students rent self-storage units near campus. Instead of going home to pick up a doona, books, skiing equipment or other items, they can pop into the unit and quickly find what they’re looking for.


When people move to a retirement village, their new apartment or villa is usually much smaller than their original home, leaving them with excess furniture and belongings. But instead of selling or giving these items away, many turn to self-storage. This allows them to retrieve the items whenever they want – and they won’t need to part with possessions that still have sentimental value.

Storing seasonal items

Everyone has items they only use seasonally, such as boats, outdoor entertaining sets, trampolines and pool cleaning equipment. But if these items are left outdoors during the cooler months, they can get damaged by moisture, bird droppings and fallen branches. In some cases, poorly secured furniture can move around during a storm and cause damage or injury. This is why people use self-storage units. They help declutter their garden (or driveway), increase the longevity of their belongings and avoid costly repairs.

Running a business

Many people run their businesses from home. This means they’ve got products, tools, packing materials and files that need to be stored. Unfortunately, not everyone has space in their home, which is why many use self-storage units. They provide a safe, clean and secure space that can be accessed at any time. In addition, if you choose business storage, you can take advantage of complimentary dispatch and receipt of goods, forklift services and use of on-site business facilities.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving house, studying overseas or starting a business, self-storage units provide a safe, flexible and affordable way to protect your belongings. If you’d like to know more about how self-storage can help you declutter your home or launch your business, contact our friendly staff today.    

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